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What can be done for Gum Disease and loose teeth?

Age: 52

Gender: Female


No medical issues.


The patient was a smoker, had attended her own dentist regularly and he advised that he could do nothing else host herb.

She requested a new Denture which fitted better.


A full clinical consultation and Xrays were taken with a full set of clinical photos Last Ship Download. Discussed periodontal disease ( Gum Disease ) in detail with patient.

Options discussed were periodontal treatment including root planing, Extraction and the construction of a new Denture our investment securities mug.


9 Visits in total

Visit 1

  • Periodontal Assessment – BPE ( Basic Periodontal exam ) score was recorded
  • Risk assessment completed, Discussed both systemic and local risk factors we also gave diet advice to patient
  • X-Rays assessed and irregular bone loss discussed with patient
  • debridement completed to reduce superficial inflammation using hand and ultra sonic cleaner
  • Oral hygiene and toothbrush technique demo on models , discussed ‘spit don’t rinse’ and demo of tepe in mouth
  • Pt understands their role in plaque control and the success of treatment
  • We also take primary impressions for her new denture and these are sent to our labatory

Visit 2

Secondary impressions and jaw registration , we can the discuss what shade the patient would like her new denture 2018 클럽 음악.

Today she sees the Hygienist again and he discusses how she has adaped to her new oral hygiene routine at home . Root planing is performed and in some cases local anaesthetic will be administered for the patients comfort Download adobe flash player.

Root planing is when we clean under the gum to remove any bacteria that is causing irritation and gum disease.

Visit 3

Second appointment for root planing 일러스트레이터 cs3 다운로드.

Visit 4

The patient attends to try in her new denture, at this stage the denture is constructed in wax so it give the patient an Idea of what the completed work will look like Word 2010 Korean version. This is the stage that we can change the shape , colour and position of the teeth on the denture. The patient is intergral to decision making at this point syrup table. If the patient is happy with everything, we can now sent the wax models back to the lab to complete the denture.

Visit 5

Patient attends for a denture fit g502 드라이버 다운로드. We adjust where necessary and make sure it is a comfortable fit. Full instruction on how to clean and care for the new denture are given at this stage

Visit 6

Patient attends for her post 4 week periodontal appointment. Melon overseas download. We Check to see how she is managing at home. We look at the marginal bleeding and plaque control. The patient can discuss any concerns and problems that she may have encountered.

Visit 7

We check the denture and if everything has settled. Clinical photos are taken We advise Pt the importance of a regular Hygiene visit and we recommend that she attends every 3 months for Hygien maintenance.

Visit 8

Post periodontal check up today, compared to initial periodontal assessment.

pockets flushed using ultra sonic cleaner. Discussed any concerns reitorated regular hygiene appointments.

In Conclusion:

A better aesthetic smile, Healthier gums and a new adopted Oral care routine to follow this equated to a happy patient.


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