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Virtual Dental Consultation

Would you like to know if you can benefit from dental or orthodontic treatment? Just upload a few photos of your teeth and get your dental report without leaving your home 3d max 2019! It is as easy as that.

Tracey Bell

Virtual Smile Consultation

The world is changing, and the way patients want to access dentistry is no different 카스온라인 다운로드. You told us you want more convenient appointment times, be that first thing in the morning, evenings or even weekends. At Tracey Bell we are always listening to your feedback and trying to make accessing dental care easy and affordable, this has been one of the driving forces behind us moving to offer virtual consultations 한컴타자연습 무료 다운로드.

You can now speak to a Dentist or Orthodontist about our full range of treatments from general care, implants and even teeth straightening all from the comfort of your own home stock index. Making use of market leading software we can even assess your oral health using a series of images that you take at home. All of this means that we can let you know if your desired treatment is possible before even having to travel to our practice Iris Theater edition.

Are The Follow up Appointments Virtual Too office 2016 다운로드?

If you are considering having your teeth straightened, using dental monitoring software we can now cut down the number of appointments you need to attend by using a home monitoring device 서울남산체 폰트 다운로드. This smartphone-based app allows your clinician to see how the treatment is progressing and advise you on the next steps you need to take. Dental monitoring is quick, easy and can be done anywhere, so it fits in with your busy lifestyle 쿵푸 팬더 다운로드. Possible before even having to travel to a practice.

What Are The Benefits Of Virtual Dental Consultations?

  • See a Dentist / Orthodontist from your own home
  • Find out about treatments before visiting a practice, saving you time
  • Private & Confidential
  • Easy to use app

How Do I Speak to a Dentist Online Download the Amazon Kindle?

Once you have spoken to a member of your practice team and they have agreed that a virtual consult is suitable for you, you will be sent a secure link to an online meeting. We may ask you to send some simple pictures of your teeth or answer a few questions, just so we can assess your oral health before the consultation. On the day of your appointment simple click on the link using a smartphone, tablet or laptop and your clinician will be there ready to discuss your treatment with you.




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