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Trichotest Genetic Test For Hair Loss & Alopecia

Trichotest genetic DNA testing for hair loss and alopecia treatment.


Hair loss (alopecia) is a progressive condition there are numerous different types and reasons for hair loss wasabi syrup. The most widespread is androgenetic alopecia, which is genetic and typically evolves over time if left untreated. Hair loss is far more common than you may think 크리스마스 캐롤 무료 다운로드. With 40% of women experiencing androgenic alopecia by 40 years of age, and 80% of men will suffer androgenic alopecia during their life.

The reason behind hair loss in men is usually genetic 갤럭시s8 펌웨어 다운로드. Classic male pattern baldness can begin as early as late teens. For women, there can be countless various reasons for hair loss varying from hormones to stress to vitamin deficiency and chemical processing natural ringtones. Hair loss could also be a sign of a larger problem such as Thyroid disease.

Diagnosing hair loss

Formerly, hair loss was a challenging ailment to identify with various distinct reasons impacting its advancement Goddess 2. Being capable of detecting the initial indications of hair loss is vital so the necessary steps can be taken to sustain and safeguard the remaining follicles 그리스 비극 다운로드. The Trichotest is devised to assist healthcare professionals in modifying hair loss therapies for their patients. The test evaluates a range of genetic variants, lifestyle considerations and information    linked to hair loss treatment then recommends the most suitable treatment choices either topical, oral, or surgical Dragon Taming 1 Korean subtitles.

The initial step to hair loss treatment

The Trichotest is an excellent initial move to hair loss treatment 와츠 맵 다운로드. With a greater comprehension of a patient’s genetics, the trial and error are removed out of hair loss therapies meaning the patient can start with the most suitable route and ultimately, get the best possible results Firefox download.


How does the Trichotest work?

The Trichotest works by analyzing three polymorphisms within 16 DNA mutations (SNPs), analyzing a total of 48 genetic variations. Detecting SNPs facilitates the understanding of specific characteristics of the metabolism of a patient relating to hair loss. The test is carried out in the clinic by our hair loss consultant. She will take a swab from the inside of your mouth to obtain a sample of your DNA. You will also be required to complete a simple questionnaire to determine several lifestyle factors including age, height, weight and any medical conditions you may have.

Your sample will be then sent to the laboratory where a specially trained technician will analyze a total of 48 variations from your DNA sample. Within 14 days, your hair loss consultant will receive a report containing the results of your test. This will indicate which elements of your genetic coding and lifestyle factors are causing your hair loss and using this information, and you will agree an informed personal treatment plan, safe in the knowledge that the options are likely to provide the best outcome for your hair loss.

Why take a Trichotest?

There are many different reasons why we may lose our hair. The Trichotest not only informs you of the genetic factors behind your hair loss, but it also provides a fully personalised hair loss treatment plan. It removes the guesswork so you can begin with the treatment options that are going to give the best outcome for your individual hair loss.

Who is suitable?

The Trichotest is suitable for both men and women of any age who would like to understand the cause of their hair loss as well as anyone who has previously tried hair loss treatments with little success. It’s an excellent first step to treatment, as it will inform your practitioner of what is going on within the body and which treatments are going to work for you.


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