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Tracey Bell – Botox at 32?

15th February 2017 | 1 comment

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ParentFolk’s Laura Garner steps into the sleek world of facial aesthetics Lotto Nara Download.

Stepping into the sleek world of Tracey Bell Aesthetics is like sliding secretly into a very cool,
very exclusive club watch app. It’s the club where undetectable enhancements happen and where the
feel-good factor is always the number one priority. The mood lighting, the stunning staff and the chic waiting area are just the tip of the highly polished iceberg juniper network 다운로드.
Tracey herself is astonishing. Five children; a leader of a highly coveted and seriously well renowned business; a dentist; an aesthetics injectable master; and the picture of her own amazing work 극한의 별 다운로드. She really is one of those mothers you need to question ‘How do you do it?’
But with all of this aside when our consultation begins, it quite literally feels like there is no one else in the room 반칙왕 다운로드.
My face is her canvas and she’s analysing and mapping out her latest art work. And I for one cannot wait.
Tracey tells me, that at the ripe age of 32, I am a perfect candidate for her Juvederm botox injections ccs v5 다운로드. She points out that lines are starting to appear around my eyes (‘I lol a lot’ I tell her), my frown line is getting deeper (‘it’s the last year of no sleep with a new baby’ I divulge) and my forehead is
ever so slightly starting to droop (for this I have no explanation – wine maybe?!) 3ds max 2019 다운로드.

Tracey tells me that botox won’t be the ultimate fix, there are no ‘one vial and that is it’ type claims 날씨 배경 화면 다운로드. Instead she tells me that this is exactly the right time to start.‘Prevention is better than repair’, so I’m very relieved. The injectables, last up to three months and after time, the muscles, which become asphyxiated with the botox will learn new tricks – frowns and smiles will continue to be line free and I will still be able to see at 50 thanks to an uplift in my brow area 네이버 티비 동영상 다운로드. Music to my happy ears.
Tracey isn’t the type of aesthetic practitioner who just tells you what you want to hear. Her goal is to enhance my face and to work with me to help me achieve a natural look and to keep those unnecessary signs of ageing at bay Download The Age of Emotion.
‘This isn’t going to happen overnight Laura, but as a life long process’ she tells me. Keeping the years at a distance will be achieved through adding volume (I have fat loss in my upper cheekbones), my smile lines around my mouth are getting deeper too. But this, she said, would be for another day and with another product, fillers.
There’s no doubting the professionalism of this clinical environment, as Tracey hands me my ‘botox passport’ (a treatment card that will be updated and signed off post treatments, and will detail which injectable has been used and where). ‘This should be standard practice’ says Tracey.
I think of how many of my girlfriends have had botox in various salons and by ‘mobile’ practitioner’s in their own homes, I’m wondering how many of them have been issued a ‘botox passport’? My guess is few, if any.
For the first phase of my beautification, Tracey completes six injections in my forehead, my middlebrow area and around my eyes. Never with botox are the results instantaneous, but show after two weeks. And what a result it is a fortnight later. My face feels fresh, smooth, and altogether less tired.

At 32, many would question my reasoning for having it in the first place, but as my new aesthetic guru reminds me, ‘Laura as I said, prevention is better than repair, believe in the process.’
Botox injections remain one of the most popular anti-ageing treatments available at Tracey Bell’s Liverpool clinic. The Tracey Bell team are well known for specialising in subtle, natural looking anti-ageing effects and work with only the best quality products and techniques available.
Prices for anti-ageing injectables start from just £200.

One Comment

  • Jane Milne said:

    I’ve been seeing Tracey and her team for the past couple of years. Everyone in the team give you the best treatment and care you could ever ask for.lf you go for treatment of any kind you can be sure you only get the best treatment you could ever ask for.x

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