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Teeth Whitening and Replacing my Two Front Teeth

Age: 30

Background Info

Patient attends clinic as she is embarrassed about her front two teeth as her 12 is broken down with gross decay and her 21 is dark in colour she would like white teeth as well. Patient has been registered with an NHS dentist but her treatment was inconsistent with continuous cancelled appointments from the practice.

 before & after



Options discussed in detail with the patient. She would like to have the crowns and then the whitening. After explaining that the whitening would have to be completed first and then the crowns as then we could match the shade of the crowns with her new whiter shade. Patient understood and consent given to go ahead with whitening and then crowns.

Visit 1

Patient attends clinic to have her impressions taken for her whitening trays. Enlighten procedure explained to patient in detail and start shade A3 taken

Visit 2

Patient attends to collect whitening trays and whitening kit today. Patient is shown how to insert and remove the trays. Patient is shown how much whitening gel to place in the trays, advised about possible teeth sensitivity and to use sensitive toothpaste during the 2 week period of the whitening treatment.

Visit 3

Patient attends final whitening appointment and post whitening shade is B1. Patient is very pleased with the results of the whitening.

Visit 4

Patient attends for crown preparation appointment. Local anaesthetic given Articaine. Teeth 21, 22 prepped and scanned using in house Cerec machine.

Visit 5

Patient attends for crown fit appointment. Crowns checked for fit, shown to patient in the mirror. Patient is happy to proceed with fit. Crowns cemented with Relyx, excess cement removed between contact points and occlusion checked. Patient loves her new smile and wishes she had the treatment years ago instead of waiting so long.

 before & after


Cost of treatment

Enlighten Whitening £765.00
Crowns – £800.00


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