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Smilescription Price List

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  • Consultations
    Initial Consultation (With Dr 화재대피 동영상 다운로드. Bell) £85.00
    Initial Consultation £85.00
    Routine Dental Exam £45.00
    Emergency Appointment from £95.00
    Emergency Appointment for Registered Patients from £45.00
    Implant Consultation £50.00
    Study Models from £150.00
    Porcelain Bonded Crown from £595.00
    Gold Crown (including cost of gold) from £600.00
    Non Precious Metal Crown from £500.00
    Zirconia Crown from £800.00
    E.Max Crown from £800.00
    Temporary Crown from £120.00
    Crown Repair from £85.00
    Re-cementing of Crown from £65.00
    Cerec Crown from £800.00
    Veneer per Unit from £600.00
    Lumineer per Unit from £700.00
    Customized Lab Veneers from £1200.00
    Porcelain Bonded Bridge per Unit from £650.00
    Ceramic Zirconia Bridge per Unit from £800.00
    Temporary Bridge per Unit from £60.00
    E.max Ceramic Bridge per Unit from £800.00
    Bridge Repair from £150.00
    Bridge Ceramic Retainer from £800.00
    Cerec Crown from £800.00
    Initial Orthodontic Consultation £52.00
    Fixed Braces per Arch from £1650.00
    Invisalign from £3000.00
    Invisalign Lite from £3000.00
    Invisalign Teen from £3750.00
    Inman Aligner from £1650.00
    Fast Braces from £1950.00
    Fast Braces Ceramic Brackets Single Arch from £2950.00
    Fast Braces Ceramic Brackets Both Arches from £3950.00
    Fast Braces Metal Brackets Single Arch from £1800.00
    Fast Braces Metal Brackets Both Arches from £2950.00
    Lingual Braces Single Arch £4500.00
    Lingual Braces Both Arches £6000.00
    Removable Retainer per Arch from £100.00
    Teeth Whitening
    Whitening Boutique from £250.00
    Whitening Wednesday – Home Kit £199.00
    Whitening Wednesday – Zoom £299.00
    Whitening Wednesday – Enlighten £465.00
    Home Whitening System from £299.00
    Zoom Whitening from £459.00
    Enlighten – Celebrity Lightening £765.00
    Dental Implants
    Implant per Tooth from £2000.00
    Additional Implants / Surgery POA
    Bone Augmentation  from £500.00
    Sinus Lift  from £1250.00
    Dental Surgical Procedures
    Routine Extractions from £135.00
    Surgical Extractions from £200.00
    Extraction of Wisdom Tooth from £250.00
    Extraction of Impacted Wisdom Tooth from £250.00
    Crown Lengthening Electrosurgery per Unit from £140.00
    Crown Lenghtening Electrosurgery – Multiple Teeth from £400.00
    Crown Lenghtening With Flap Single Unit from £290.00
    Crown Lenghtening With Flap Multi Unit from £350.00
    Apiceptomy from £400.00
    Hygiene / Periodontal
    Hygiene Visit from £80.00
    Full Periodontal Assessment from £250.00
    Full Mouth Disinfection from £1000.00
    Periodontal Chip Placement from £30.00
    Periodontal Lasers per Tooth from £150.00
    Periodontal Lasers per Arch from £1250.00
    Fissure Sealant from £24.00
    Bicarbonate Clean from £85.00
    Childrens Dentistry
    Child Exam £30.00
    Child Fissure Sealant £24.00
    Child Filling Amalgam from £40.00
    Child Filling Composite from £60.00
    Child Extraction from £60.00
    Child Hygiene £54.00
    X-rays Diagnostic
    Small Periapical X-Ray £18.00
    OPG (Large 3D X-Ray) £52.00
    CT Scan – Single Section £100.00
    CT Scan – per Arch £150.00
    CT Scan – Full Mouth £250.00
    Root Filling Anterior Tooth from £600.00
    Root Filling Premolar from £650.00
    Root Filling Molar from £750.00
    Anterior Re-treatment from £700.00
    Premolar Re-treatment from £750.00
    Molar Re-treatment from £850.00
    Fiber-Glass Post from £195.00
    Broken File Removal from £250.00
    Pin or Screw Retention Placement from £120.00
    Upper Or Lower Partial Acrylic Denture from £595.00
    Upper or Lower Full Acrylic Denture from £800.00
    Cobalt Chrome Metal Partial Denture from £1250.00
    Reline Lower or Upper from £250.00
    Metal Based Full Upper from £1500.00
    Metal Based Full Lower from £1500.00
    White Fillings
    Anterior Composite Filling from £98.00
    Posterior Composite Filling from £98.00
    Anterior Build-up from £200.00
    Posterior Build-up from £200.00
    Incisal Build-up from £160.00
    Amalgam Fillings
    Amalgam Fillings from £70.00
    Inlay Placement from £545.00
    Inlay Repair from £200.00
    Inlay Re-cement from £100.00
    Composite Bonding from £300.00
    Profluorid Application from £49.50
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