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Quick Braces

At Tracey Bell we provide a number of Fast braces options that are suitable for patients of all ages and with different presenting dental problems .

So What type of Braces are Available ?


There are many different types of braces available at Tracey Bell some fast and some not so fast. However it’s amazing how varied dental braces are even though they pretty much all have the same end goal in sight – Straight Teeth .

Of course it will be up to you and your dentist at Tracey Bell to actually determine which type is best for your own particular situation, but being slightly better prepared yourself is never a bad thing.Education of you the patient is what we aim to do with ultimately you the patient making the right orthodontic choice.

Metal Braces @ Tracey Bell


Metal braces @Tracey Bell are probably the type that people are most aware of, and it is easy to understand why as they are the type that is most commonly used in the UK. These type of dental braces are typically the least expensive option; however, the negatives are quite cleat to some people.

Because the braces are are metal, they have a tendency to be quite large and although the look has improved significantly over the years it can still put some people off. Metal braces @ Tracey Bell are very much the traditional dental brace option option and they remain extremely popular and effective, despite the prevalance of the various new orthodontic treatments.

Adult dental metal braces cost between £2,000 – £4,500 when fitted

Metal Braces are available at Our dental clinics on the Isle of Man and Liverpool.

Ceramic Braces @ Tracey Bell


Ceramic braces at Tracey Bell share a lot of the same characteristics as metal braces, but with one major difference. They are tooth colored, so they are far less visible than traditional metal braces. Some versions will even make sure that the wire that runs between them is also tooth colored, further helping to disguise them.

Ceramic Dentalbraces have been shown to be capable of adjusting teeth faster than some alternative types of braces. However, you do need to work hard at keeping them clean as they can stain and become discolored if you are not careful.

Expect to pay around £3,000 – £5,000 for ceramic Dental Braces


Lingual Braces@ Tracey Bell


Lingual braces@ Tracey Bell are made in the same way as metal braces, but there is a major difference as this type is actually placed on the inside of the teeth rather than the outside. This is done for specific dental reasons, but clearly it does give the wearer the added advantage of knowing that they cannot be seen by others.

Common types are INCOGNITO .

However, there are a few issues with them and perhaps the main issue is that they are very difficult to keep clean due to their placement. They can also be rather uncomfortable at first – they need to be adjusted quite a lot, and they are more expensive than the normal metal braces.

The price of lingual braces is generally between £5000 – £6000, with the eventual cost determined by your own unique situation.

Lingual braces in general are Not fast but a slower process of orthodontic treatment .

Invisalign Braces @ Tracey Bell


Invisalign Braces at Tracey Bell are completely different as they are actually a series of plastic aligners that are custom made for you. These aligners are replaced at set intervals to gradually realign your teeth to the desired shape.

They are normally replaced every 2 weeks .

The advantage of invisalign is that the aligner is essentially invisible, and allows you to eat, drink and care for your teeth as you normally would.

They are expensive to have and it can take slightly longer for them to work than other treatments like 6 month smiles or Fast Braces , but the fact they’re basically invisible makes them an attractive option for people.

Invisalign treatment costs between £3,000 – £4,500

Damon Braces @ Tracey Bell


Damon braces @ Tracey Bell work in the same way as metal braces, but they are certainly a lot more discreet. They are actually clear in color and bonded onto the teeth, but thanks to the sliding mechanism incorporated into the design it means they do not have to be constantly tightened as the teeth move.

The benefit of using these braces are of course that they are not so obvious, and they are able to be used for not only adults, but also kids as well. WIth proper care they can be a very effective treatment which is also aesthetically appealing.

The cost of Damon braces @ Tracey Bell varies significantly depending on factors like age and which kind of braces you choose. Prices for adult private treatment ranges from £3500-£4000

Damon braces are beautiful ,fast and really liked by many of our patients @ Tracey Bell.

Clear Braces@ Tracey Bell


Clear braces work in the same way as conventional braces, which means they bonded onto the teeth and rubber bands between them, but they are not as visible thanks to the clear materials used.

They are somewhat of a middle ground between traditional braces and modern treatments like Invisalign @ Tracey Bell , offering the traditional approach to teeth alignment with an eye on the aesthetic side of things. .

Clear braces can be between £3,500 – £4,500 depending on your own unique circumstances.

6 Month Smile Braces @ Tracey Bell


6 month smile braces really do look at the short term approach, but then that in itself is a major positive for most people as they are often faced with wearing braces for well over one year or less .6 month smiles are Fast braces and short term orthodontics.

They use clear brackets and the wires are also tooth colored, so they do not stand out as much as metal braces, but of course this then alters the cost of having them in the first place. They use low movement forces and this helps to reduce the time spent trying to straighten your teeth and can be used for a whole host of dental issues.

6 month smiles generally costs £2,800 – £3,000, although this will vary depending on your dentist and your own situation.

There are various different types of braces available, some fast and some smiles taking 2 years to straighten.The best kind of dental braces for you depends on several factors – what your dentist says, what the problem actually is, and of course what you can afford and want .

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