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Lingual braces allow patients to smile with confidence throughout orthodontic treatment. They are completely hidden from view as they are placed on the back of the teeth.

Lingual braces are synonymous with Hidden Braces, Concealed Braces, Inside Braces and Invisible Braces. Recent advancements in technology have allowed lingual braces to be intimately contoured to the inner shapes of the upper and lower teeth increasing their comfort and minimizing their impact on speech.

Once the exclusive domain of athletes, models, actors and musicians, lingual braces have become a practical and viable treatment option for teenagers and adults who have a desire to have comprehensive orthodontic treatment but who want to keep it to themselves.


Being attached to the inner surfaces of your teeth, lingual braces have inherent clinical advantages. These include:

  • Invisible: No one knows you have braces!
  • Reduced need for patient compliance
  • Three-dimensional tooth control
  • Can be used in almost all types of bite problems, particularly when clear aligners are not an option



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