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Orthodontics – Isle of Man, Liverpool

Orthodontics is a type of dentistry that aims to improve the appearance, position and function of crooked or abnormally arranged teeth.

What does orthodontic treatment involve?

Orthodontics uses devices such as a brace to correct the position of the teeth. Your exact treatment will depend on the problems with your teeth.

In some cases, you may have to wear headgear at night as well as a brace, and you may also need to have some teeth removed as part of your treatment.

If worn correctly, you are likely to achieve good results, usually within 18-24 months. If the problem is more complicated, treatment may take longer.

Who needs orthodontic treatment?

You may need orthodontic treatment if your teeth or jaw do not develop in a normal way. This can cause discomfort and make it hard to maintain good oral hygiene.

In some cases, abnormal development of the teeth and jaw can affect the shape of the face, which could cause psychological and emotional problems, such as lack of self-confidence.

At Tracey Bell, you’ll find a large array of orthodontic treatments for adults and children.

Orthodontic Assessment

At our Liverpool and Isle of Man Dental practices, full orthodontic assessment will include photographs, clinical examination, diagnosis and options given to the type of dental braces available.

It is important that as a patient you explain to the dentist your perceived orthodontic problem i.e. teeth that stick out, crooked teeth, misaligned teeth… in order that we can assess the best orthodontic options for you.

In some cases, cosmetic alignment or cosmetic orthodontics may be considered – where the patient wants only the front teeth straightened. In other cases, the whole bite and occlusion will require treatment.

The time dental braces take vary on the type of dental brace and the number of teeth to be straightened.

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