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Crowns can come in many different colours and sizes. Crowns can add length, shape and colour. A Crown speaks volumes about who you are!

What is a crown?

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A dental crown is an artificial restoration, fitting over the remaining part of the tooth to give strength and lend a natural appearance. Also known as caps, crowns can be used in place of veneers, to straighten a crooked smile, repair broken teeth or conceal a bridge or implant. Often times, crowning a tooth not only helps ensure the longevity of the tooth, but today’s porcelain crown technology can help to revitalize the appearance of teeth.

For a crown, the tooth surface is normally prepared, and then your dentist takes an impression.
There are many different types of dental crowns including metal gold or silver (non-precious) porcelain-bonded (metal substructure with porcelain bonded over), porcelain or ceramic wasabi syrup. They are suitable for single or multiple teeth. The Tracey Bell Clinic has each crown custom-made for each patient in a dental laboratory and can be used in conjunction with veneers to aid a smile makeovers.

The Benefits of a Crown or Cap at Tracey Bell:

  • Restores the natural shape of tooth
  • Allows a misaligned smile to be straightened
  • Protects a weak tooth from further damage
  • Aesthetically pleasing Crowns can produce a Hollywood smile

The material that the crown is to be made from will be chosen. This decision will be based on several very important factors:

  • What are your desires and expectations as a patient?
  • Where is the tooth that needs the crown located in the mouth? (i.e., Is it a front tooth, back tooth, or somewhere in between?)
  • Have you had other crowns placed and what type of crowns are they?
  • Do you clench or grind your teeth?
  • What is the pathology that the placement of the crown is addressing?
  • Do you have any metal allergies?
  • What is the existing health of the surrounding teeth and gum tissues 크리스마스 캐롤 무료 다운로드?

At the Tracey Bell Clinic, we offer: Full Porcelain, Procera, Ceramic, Gold and Porcelain bonded to metal.

Procera Crown

A new approach to an old problem.
As patients are becoming increasingly more aware of new technologies, the demand for metal-free restorations is on the rise. Procera is available through the Tracey Bell Clinic, it is an all-ceramic crown that is completely metal-free. Fabrication of the Procera crown is done by a skilled dental technician typically in a dental laboratory outside of the dental office. The development of Procera provides practitioners with a novel way of providing high strength, durable, metal-free, aesthetic tooth coloured restorations.

The Benefits of Procera at Tracey Bell:

  • Superior aesthetic result, compared to traditional crowns.
  • Easy installation with almost instant results.
  • Short and convenient treatment.

Patient Testimonial: 5 PROCERA CROWNS

Name: Gemma Age: 32 Profession: Office Worker Treatment: Ceramic Crowns / 5 Procera Crowns and Smilescription

Why I Started

Getting married is a big commitment 갤럭시s8 펌웨어 다운로드. My partner and I started our preparation over a year ago. With a beautiful dress and beautiful hair, one thing let me down my smile! I had crowns over five years ago and they looked awful with black lines around the top and I just couldn’t smile. If I was going to do it, now was the time. So through recommendation and this website, I found Tracey and Andy at APt.

The Consultation

I was told it was an easy case. I felt like a superstar. I was shown my teeth in 3D, models were taken and my smile simulated I couldn’t wait to see the results.

The Procedure

The procedure was simple. I spent just over one hour in the chair for my Smilescription tooth whitening and later they were dazzling. The crowns again were amazingly easy I had temporaries for two weeks and they were no problems at all.

The Results

My wedding preparation was complete thanks to Tracey. My smile says it all. My big day is in December 2006 and thanks to Tracey, I now have the confidence to smile, relax and enjoy my once-in-a-lifetime day natural ringtones.

Tracey Says

“Gemma presented as many patients with crowns which had been placed many years ago and had been made of metal and porcelain and looked awful not natural and with black lines at the gums.
New technologies and all ceramic crowns ensure that teeth can look natural even with crowns and can produce fabulous results!”

All-Ceramic Crowns

Tooth-coloured crowns used to be made of weaker porcelain or porcelain and metal bonded. Now, with the new technology, a metal-free alternative, made entirely of stronger ceramic is available. Ceramic Crowns offer the strength of a bonded crown and the appearance of a porcelain crown and it is suitable for use in all areas of the mouth. To have enough strength to withstand strong biting forces, porcelain crowns used to always be built upon a metal core. The dark metal inside the porcelain/metal crown could cause a dark blue line to show at the edge of some crowns. More advanced porcelain fused to metal Crowns have virtually overcome this problem, but they still cannot match the true natural beauty of an entirely tooth-coloured Ceramic Crown Goddess 2.

The Benefits of All-Ceramic Crowns at Tracey Bell:

  • All-Ceramic Crowns maintain a translucency, which makes them virtually indistinguishable, compared to your natural teeth.
  • The problem of the dark blue line at the edge of the gums is eliminated.
  • The crown can be placed above the gumline too, which can be healthier for your tooth and gums.

When you want to improve your smile, reinforced All-Ceramic Crowns are a beautiful and natural-looking choice.

Patient Testimonial: Porcelain Crowns

My teeth have changed not only my smile but also my inner confidence, thanks to Dr. Booth at APT.

Name: Pauline Age: 45 Profession: Housewife Treatment: Porcelain Crowns

Why I Started:

I had always looked after my teeth but with four children I had always had other things to worry about! Once the children were independent it was my husband who suggested that I should spend some time for me and if I was to begin, my smile should be an investment 그리스 비극 다운로드. I loved to smile life is and always has been worth smiling about.

Why I Chose Tracey Bell

Investing in my smile was to be a major investment and I had to find someone that I could trust. Asking around amongst friends and colleagues APT was regularly brought up in conversation due to their professionalism, expertise and care and most importantly all their patients had fabulous teeth.

The Procedure

The consultation and procedure was so high tech! Attending the dentist I could not believe could be so pleasant. After models, photographs and 3D reproduction, I could preview my new smile before any treatment took place. The actual procedure took about 90 minutes. The shade was discussed to match my new Smilescription tooth whitening procedure. I was ten shades whiter than I started with. After a discussion with Nick, the technician, I could appreciate the passion that Tracey had. Nick was a true professional and an artist at work.

The Results

After two weeks my crowns were filled and my family and friends couldn’t believe the results Dragon Taming 1 Korean subtitles. Long gone were the dark lines that were so apparent on my old crowns. They looked and still do look like the teeth I had when I was a teenager. My make-up has changed, my wardrobe has changed, and my husband is delighted. My teeth have changed not only my smile but also my inner confidence.

Gold Crowns

The Gold Crown is the age-old classic of the dentistry world. It has been used longer than any other type of crown and it stands the test of time as many dentists still regularly prescribe it today. The preparation of a tooth for a gold crown is the simplest and least complicated preparation as the healthy tooth structure remains untouched as minimal amounts of tooth are removed. Porcelain is hard by comparison to gold, it may cause wear on other teeth over the years, this will not occur with the gold crown. The gold metal is extremely workable making Gold Crowns a more precise fit than any other type. Gold is also a healthier environment for the gum tissue.

The Benefits of Gold Crowns at Tracey Bell:

  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Chip resistant unlike porcelain crowns 와츠 맵 다운로드.
  • Provides a healthy environment for your gums.

Gold crowns are appropriate when appearance is not a priority. The slight possibility of chipping porcelain crowns does not occur with a Gold Crown. Although aesthetically wise, a gold crown may be a more ideal choice for the back of the mouth.

Porcelain Bonded to Metal Crowns

The most popular tooth coloured crown provided in the UK is the porcelain bonded metal Crowns. A combination of a strong metal core surrounded by an outer layer of tooth-coloured porcelain allows your crown to be resilient but also aesthetically pleasing. This type of crown is constructed just as its name implies. Our dental technician here at Tracey Bell s will create a thin metal understructure on your dental model and then apply the porcelain to it in the colour and shape required. This is then baked in a porcelain furnace, where the metal and porcelain fuse creating a particularly long-lasting crown. So successful is this type of crown, it is still the most prescribed crown of all in dentistry Firefox download.

The Benefits of Porcelain bonded to metal crowns at Tracey Bell:

  • Porcelain fused-to-metal crowns creates a beautiful, natural appearance.
  • They are durable with added aesthetic qualities.
  • The most popular and successful choice of crown in all of dentistry.

Porcelain bonded to metal crowns offers true value for money. Less expensive crowns using grey, non-precious metal alloy cannot hope to achieve the high levels of aesthetics required for the crown to truly blend in with the natural teeth and to enhance your beautiful smile. At Tracey Bell, we offer porcelain bonded to metal crowns constructed to the highest standards to surpass your expectations.

Risks of Crowns & Caps

As with any elective dental treatment, there are great benefits but there may also be risks involved. Our clinicians at Tracey Bell are more than happy to discuss any concerns with you.

If there is tooth decay next to the pulp, the pulp may not be strong enough to make a healthy dentine Portonbelt download. If this occurs, the pulp may need to be removed by an endodontist, Sometimes, the whole root may have to be removed by an oral surgeon.

There is a slight risk of bacteria from the mouth entering the blood stream. Certain people who find it difficult fighting infections may require antibiotics are dental surgery. Those with heart defects, damaged/artificial heart valves, cirrhosis, impaired immune system, history of endocarditis or with artificial joints should consult their dentist prior to treatment


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