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Children’s Dentistry

Looking After Your Child’s Smile

children-dentistryYour child’s first smile is a magical moment and their first tooth, a milestone in their life. At Tracey Bell, we want to help you and your child look after those precious teeth right through to adulthood.

Good oral hygiene is determined in childhood so it’s vital that children’s dental experiences are positive.

That’s why our award-winning dental practices are designed to appeal to youngsters of all ages with a fun, welcoming atmosphere, lots of colour and child-friendly approaches.

Of course, many of our patients are too young to fully appreciate the importance of good oral hygiene and that’s why we work closely with parents so they can make informed, responsible choices on behalf of their children.

Our expert, highly trained staff will take time to explain all about your child’s risk of oral disease, preventative strategies and the modern, innovative treatments we offer.

Common Children’s Dental Treatment

At Tracey Bell Children`s Dentistry is preventative based.

We provide a full service of oral hygiene instruction, fissure sealants and a private or NHS orthodontic referral service.

We believe at Tracey Bell that decay and poor oral health can be prevented simply through a process of education.

Preventative dentistry at Tracey Bell means a Happy, Healthy Smile.


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