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Coolsculpting Smooth

The tracey Bell Dental and Aesthetic Medical Clinic is one of the first clinic in the UK, to offer the new CoolSmooth Pro and launch this innovative new applicator in Liverpool, and in the Isle Of Man.

The solution for outer thighs just got cooler!

The CoolSmooth Pro has been ergonomically designed to treat more areas of non-pinchable fat with colder temperatures in half the time, especially the lateral thigh area. The old protocol was 2 hours but we can now revolutionary treat the outer thighs in just 75 minutes.

After your CoolSmooth Pro treatment you should start to see changes within 2-3 weeks but the most significant changes are seen at 8-12 weeks with up to a 30% reduction of fat in the area treated.


Introducing the CoolSmooth ™ applicator an exciting new addition to the existing applicators in the CoolSculpting range. The Coolsmooth™ applicator is the first and only non-surgical solution clinically proven and designed for fat reduction of the outer thigh.

The CoolSmooth ™ is a flat, non-vacuum applicator that is ideal for treating areas of non-pinchable fat including the saddle-bag areas of the outer thighs and also the inner thighs. Its unique conformable design allows the applicator to fit your individual shape. Since the CoolSmooth applicator does not rely on suction to treat areas of excessive fat, we can now freeze the fat of almost all areas of the body, even those areas which need very small fat reduction.

In the clinical studies of the CoolSmooth applicator 82% of patients saw undeniable results and 81% of those reported that results exceeded their expectations.



It sounds like a dream. Lounge during your lunch break and watch a movie while reducing fat in your problem areas for good. CoolSculpting has made this fantasy a reality for many. This non-invasive body contouring procedure is based on the science of Cryolipolysis, wherein fat cells can be frozen to death, causing the body to naturally flush them out for good. CoolSculpting has a range of vacuum-based applicators designed to reduced stubborn fat pockets on the stomach, back, or side where you can pinch that extra inch. But for those who wanted to treat an un-pinchable area of fat, meaning it couldn’t be adequately sucked into the vacuum applicator, were out of luck—until now, as the solution is here! For more information please reach our Support Center



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