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Alevere Therapy

Treatment Overview:


What is Alevere Therapy?

Alevere Therapy is a fast, safe way to lose a lot of weight and get a better body shape. It has been developed by doctors and there are two parts to it: one is a diet that causes rapid weight loss, the other is body shaping so you will not be left with loose skin or lumps and bumps caused by stubborn areas of fat.

What will I be eating?

You will be eating a lot, and probably more often than before Download the .net mvc file. In fact, some patients tell us they find it difficult to fit in all the food they are meant to eat in a day!

The diet part of Alevere Therapy is in three stages. In the first stage you will eat five Alevere nutritional products each day. These are protein-based and come in a range of savoury and sweet flavours, and you will be able to create tasty, satisfying meals from them. On top of those, you will eat unlimited quantities of a range of fruit and vegetables.

Will the diet fit into my life?

Yes, the diet will fit into your life. Although there is never an absolutely ideal time to begin to transform yourself – there is always a birthday, a wedding, a family event coming up – you will find that Alevere is hassle-free 과일 자르기 게임 다운로드. The food is easy to prepare and there are shakes you can carry around with you. By joining the Alevere programme you will receive access to all our tasty recipes!


Will I be hungry?

No. You will not feel hungry, weak or tired while on Alevere Therapy. You will be able to function as you normally do and you will have the energy to exercise. The diet will also stabilise your blood sugar levels so you will not have cravings. Most patients tell us they feel better than normal while on Alevere Therapy Windowsxp Explorer9.

How fast will I lose weight?

You will lose weight quickly and consistently, probably much faster than on any other diet you have tried. We aim for a monthly loss of 6-12kg (13-26 lbs) for patients. We can even tell you exactly how long it will take you to reach your target because the weight loss on Alevere Therapy is predictable – so we can work out how much you will lose each week at your first consultation, before you even start the diet.

Why do I need the treatments as well as the diet 바로톡 다운로드?

Because losing weight does not automatically mean you will be left with the great body shape you want – so we shape it for you. We make sure you lose inches in the places you want, as well as losing weight overall, and we tighten and firm your skin.

We achieve this in two ways: Firstly, we use state-of-the-art ultrasound technology to break down those stubborn fat deposits under your skin – there is scientific evidence to prove it works. This is a really important treatment because dieting alone often won’t shift these thick stores of fat. If they were to stay, you would still be unhappy with your figure even after losing all the weight.

Then, we make your skin contract as you lose weight by tightening and firming it all over, using technology that stimulates it to make collagen and elastic fibres Download the bongs spot. This treatment also smooths out bumpy and uneven skin and improves your lymphatic drainage, so that the fat broken down by the ultrasound is more easily removed by your body.

How much will it cost me?

The cost is very variable and depends on the personal treatment programme written for you. The cost will vary according to how much weight you have to lose and the speed at which we calculate you will lose it. Please contact any Tracey Bell Clinic, to discuss your personal needs and we will be pleased to give you an individual estimate of cost without any obligation fm2019 무설치 다운로드.

Why is Alevere Therapy better than other diets?

All diets will make you lose weight – for a while. A crash diet will work, but as you starve yourself your body reduces your metabolic rate as a survival mechanism, so losing becomes harder and harder. Also on a crash diet, your body will break down muscle tissue, which is the very opposite of what you want and will leave you weak and unhealthy. Eventually, you will give up.

Slower diets work too – but slow is the key word here. If you have a lot of weight to lose, it takes an extraordinary amount of willpower, stamina and patience to keep dieting for as long as it is going to take 마법배달부 키키 다운로드. Most people don’t manage it.

Alevere Therapy is different. It allows you to lose weight quickly and predictably without losing muscle or slowing down your metabolic rate. Basically, we can get you out of that exhausting pattern of yo-yo dieting. And we reshape your new body too.

Will I regain weight once I stop the diet?

We will have achieved nothing if you regain weight so the most important part of our diet is the stabilisation and maintenance treatment.

Crucially, we measure your individual metabolic rate once you are at your new weight with specialised medical equipment, then we tell you exactly what you can eat and how much, based on that specific measurement 리눅스 헤더파일 다운로드. And we don’t just leave you to get on with it, we arrange monthly follow-up care.

And don’t forget that your new weight and body shape will also be a great motivator. You will love slipping into those clothes you could not have imagined wearing before because patients find that Alevere Therapy transforms their body in a way they just did not think was possible.

Will there be anyone to support me?

At Tracey Bell, we will be here to support you, but as well as us, there is a patient support group which members tell us they love 러블리즈 책갈피 다운로드. You can speak to fellow Alevere Therapy patients on there to get advice, recipe ideas, tips – anything you like.

Would I be better having surgery?

We don’t think so. Surgery, in our opinion, is much more expensive, invasive, unpleasant and risky.

I want to be an Alevere Therapy patient. What do I do next?

Just get in touch, either by phone or email. If you want a no-commitment look around your local Tracey Bell clinic to see the facilities, have the therapy explained and maybe chat to patients already on it, that’s fine. We will arrange it.

If you then decide to go ahead, you will have an hour-long consultation with one of our doctors and some tests and investigations will be carried out – including blood tests, body measurements and metabolic rate 넛잡 더빙 다운로드.

Once the results are through, which is usually within 48 hours, you can start the treatment – and you are on the fast track to a new you!

Alevere Food?

At the start of your treatment, you will be commenced on our precisely designed Alevere eating plan which contains a large number of natural vegetables,many of which can be eaten in unlimited quantities. From these, you will be able to easily prepare many nice and varied dishes and you will be given instructions on exactly how to do this. These are also supplemented with a regular intake of natural, purified proteins and amino acids to ensure that every patient’s daily protein intake remains optimal throughout their weight loss.

You will not be eating less, and less often, in fact you will be eating more than before, just differently. You will not be hungry at all and rather than suffering from hunger, many of out patients tell us that their main difficulty is fitting all of their food into a day. After the initial stage of the eating plan, a complete range of natural and healthy food groups are reintroduced in a carefully calculated and stepwise manner. This not only stabilises your weight at its new and healthy level, but progressively teaches you the best and the healthiest habits for the rest of your life.


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