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If we are honest, none of us is entirely happy with our weight or body shape, which can result in a constant battle to achieve what we personally consider to be perfect. At Tracey Bell UK we recognize this fact. Furthermore, being overweight inevitably leads to poor physical health and sometimes, low self-esteem resulting in unhappiness and in more rare cases, depression.

Conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol frequently develop and can lead on to more serious illnesses such as heart disease and stroke. Depression and personal or relationship difficulties can also arise from the psychological toll of excessive weight and such problems can sometimes conversely fuel a vicious circle of excessive or “comfort” eating 쿵푸 팬더3 다운로드.

This makes losing weight more difficult and ultimately takes more time. During this form of starvation, the body almost immediately begins to break down its muscle tissue as a form of survival in order to obtain enough protein, which it requires for many essential and basic functions such as cell repair. (Many proteins are enzymes that catalyze biochemical reactions and are vital to metabolism). This may result in a weight loss on the scales, but a weight loss of muscle tissue rather than fat, resulting in low levels of energy and resistance to infections & viruses.

When we allow the body to break down its own muscle tissue in this way, it progressively becomes unhealthier, almost as occurs during an illness. The loss of muscle tissue causes us to become weak, to look pale and gaunt and it causes the body’s metabolism to fall even lower. Weight loss slows down and it becomes more and more of an effort to continue ios 12 퍼블릭 베타 다운로드. Blood sugar levels fall too low and this results in severe hunger, cravings, particularly for sugary foods, and extreme lack of energy. The low blood sugar levels during strict dieting can also result in light-headedness, dizziness, difficulties with work and concentration, feeling shaky or anxious and being unable to function in the normal way.

As a result of all these difficulties, we usually “give in “ to temptation and break our diet, either when we lose willpower with the speed of any weight loss if it is frustratingly slow, or when we find the unpleasantness of any attempt to lose weight more effectively too difficult to tolerate.

If we have lost a significant amount of muscle tissue during our diet, as soon as we begin to eat normally again, the body will rebuild all the muscle tissue lost at the earliest opportunity and this will manifest as an extremely rapid gain in weight. Furthermore, if the body’s metabolic rate has become significantly suppressed during the dieting, we will also regain body fat, resulting in further weight gain, even if our food intake after the dieting is not excessive 네이버 동영상 다운로드.

To many people, this constant struggle and so called ‘yo-yo’ effect of dieting and fluctuation of weight is all too familiar. We seem never to be able to achieve our ultimate goal of having a slim, well-contoured body and being stable at a healthy weight long-term. We often become resigned to a vicious circle of ‘yo-yo’ dieting and progressive weight gain often to even being heavier than when the diet was started.

Very drastic and expensive surgery is often recommended as a solution to all these problems and many people feel that they have no other option but to resort to these treatments.
Liposuction, gastric banding, abdominal wall re-shaping (abdominoplasty), ballooning, stapling and gastric by-pass surgery have all become part of every day life and have recently become widely promoted as a quick solution, but surgical procedures such as these involve serious risks to the patient razer surround. They are also very expensive, invasive unpleasant, and not always effective with many patients regaining more weight after such procedures.

In fact, gastric banding, ballooning and gastric by-pass surgery can cause unpleasant symptoms for the patient, such as bloating, nausea, bowel upset and abdominal cramps or abdominal pain, especially after eating what need to be small amounts of food.

Furthermore, they often force a state of inadequate nutrition and semi-starvation on the patient, which as we have discussed already is not at all desirable and which has unwanted consequences resulting in both muscle loss and suppression of the body’s metabolic rate.

In our experience, there have never been any totally satisfactory solutions offered to people with weight problems. With general dietary advice and by the usual methods of dieting, we can all lose a few pounds. However, such weight loss is often a slow and difficult struggle and the slow speed of any such weight loss can be very de-motivating. Few of us have neither the will power nor the stamina to follow such a dietary regime for as long as is necessary to achieve a truly healthy weight with worthwhile results and significant health benefits audible 다운로드.

As following a weight reduction regime is generally a difficult struggle, no matter whose ‘diet’ we choose to follow, sometimes we try and take things to more of an extreme. We may reduce our food and calorie intake further, but the more we do this, the more that this then forces our body to behave in a similar way to the way it would naturally behave during starvation, which is a survival mechanism and the body adapts to starvation by reducing the rate of its resting metabolism, which is exactly the opposite of what we want to happen when we are trying to lose weight.

There are other important problems associated with weight loss that must also be considered. With weight loss the cosmetic consequences are often entirely overlooked. No one ever seems to consider what our appearance and body shape will be like when we have lost a significant amount of weight.

The aesthetic results of extreme weight loss are often overlooked

It is a fact that thick fat stores under the skin are often extremely resistant to being broken down by dieting due to their fibrous and calcified nature and to poor blood supply; So, even when we have lost weight, the body’s shape and contours are often a disappointment and clothes may still not fit as we would wish 스톤 영화 다운로드.

Some fat stores under the skin in various body areas will have been resistant to the dieting and will remain. These will distort our body shape and may convince us that we need to try to lose even more weight, to the detriment of our face and our slimmer body areas, to try and reduce them or else resort to surgery to have them removed.

Previously stretched skin will often become slack, baggy and unattractive with a significant amount of weight loss. Once it has been stretched by weight gain, skin is not so elastic and it will not spring back automatically into place and unfortunately exercise does not help this, as there are no muscles in skin to be exercised.

If we are successful with significant weight loss, we may physically look and as a result feel, psychologically worse than before. It is therefore hard to kindle motivation to maintain our weight loss if we actually think that we looked better before we lost all the weight.

SlimScription is not simply about diet… but body shape, body solutions and comprehensive body maintenance.

The program can vary simply from diet replacement foods to portable protein packs, to a complete body-shaping regime 너를 만나 다운로드.
Our programs are built around your lifestyle, wishes and aspirations. Simply you.

SlimScription: Meal Replacement

Intelligently combining meal replacements with natural food is the best way to satisfy all your nutritional requirements and help maximise your fat loss potential.

A highly convenient food source that’s portable, cost-effective and quick to prepare, meal replacements supplement your diet and support your lifestyle.
They cultivate a powerful environment for weight loss by stabiliising the release of energy and boosting your overall thermogenic potential… the key to successful, long-term weight management.

We have a delicious range of bars and meals that are low calorie, low in fat and nutritionally balanced to help you achieve and maintain your goals of a leaner, happier and healthier you 컴퍼니오브히어로즈2 다운로드. A very attractive nutritional source with wide ranging applications.

Food types: Soups • Shakes • Omelets • Hot Beverages • Cereal Bars • Ready Meals

SlimScription: Protein Bars

Our protein bars are one of the most reliable, convenient sources of balanced proteins available and like all SlimScription products; they top the charts in taste and innovative nutrition.
Low in carbohydrates and packed with slow and fast acting proteins, these low fat bars provide lasting satisfaction and subdue sweet cravings.

SlimScription: Treatments

We offer a comprehensive range of treatments to suit the weight loss or body shape desirable to each individual.

SlimScription: Liposound – Inch Loss

This treatment is designed for those who are completing a weight loss programme or who have stubborn areas of abdominal fat, which seems impossible to reduce with diet and exercise alone. This non-invasive ultrasonic treatment reduces fat cells and circumference.

Lose inches, without diet, exercise or surgery.

A Course of 12 treatments are required over a 6 week period 어니언스 다운로드.

SlimScription: TransfirmeTM – Skin Tightening & Body Reshaping

The Transfirme Technique – improves cellulite, tightens skin and improves the contours of the body. This unique, multi-layered medical heat therapy delivers therapeutic heat into the deep tissues… resulting in tightening, smoothing, firming and lifting .

This breakthrough procedure reshapes the body and face whilst reducing stubborn fat
by simultaneously tightening, firming and recontouring. The areas, which can be treated, include: abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, upper arms, back and other areas of fat deposits. It is also very effective in minor tummy tucks, body lifts and facial lifting 워킹데드 시즌10 6화 다운로드.

Courses recommended: Body – 6 treatments. Face – 6 treatments

SpaScription: G5 – Slimming Essentials

G5 is a slimming treatment that uses specialised deep massage machines to stimulate energy points improving circulation, adipose (fat) disposition and detoxification.
The acceleration of lymph drainage detoxification and purification accelerates slimming, toning and tightening of the body at the same time.

Key benefits of G5:

  • Removal of orange peel effect of cellulite
  • Reducing wrinkles and cellulite
  • Reduces water retention and accelerates metabolism, providing a firmer, more radiant looking body.

On collating and concluding to a diagnosis, options, alternatives and pricing will be discussed with you. Medical questionnaire, full consultation and diagnosis will be discussed with you.

Our aim is to maintain, protect and restore individual health, and provide treatment of disease with the best available techniques, technology and experience. We respect the autonomy of the patient and will always provide truthful, open and honest medical and dental care while listening to your personal requirements.

The medical and dental treatments are clinically audited and overseen by the registered health care professionals and responsible individuals of the practice. The practice is regulated for dentistry by the Care Quality Commission.


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