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Juvederm Volite


This innovative new hyaluronic acid-based product is designed to improve your skin’s smoothness, smooth away fine lines and improve hydration and elasticity.
Although, like Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus, Volbella, and Voluma, VOLITE is hyaluronic acid-based, it is designed to be a more superficial treatment, which improves the appearance of the skin’s surface, smoothing and perfecting the complexion. It is an effective anti-ageing treatment and seeks to improve and leave the skin with a glow .
Studies show results can last up to six  months with just one treatment session. Like the other Juvederm products from Allergan, VOLITE uses the unique patented VYCROSS technology. Juvederm Volite should be injected intradermally into the skin and can be used for the face, neck, decolletage and hands. VOLITE also contains the anesthetic lidocaine to minimise discomfort during the treatment.



German dermatologist, Dr. Patricia Ogilvie, says: “Juvederm VOLITE answers a real need for a treatment that delivers a healthy-looking glow. Combined with the fact that only one treatment is needed to achieve results, this product will be a game changer in my clinic. I believe that great skin can have a profound impact on patients’ everyday lives – in particular their confidence.”
At Tracey Bell, we will introduce VOLITE as a product to supplement the rest of the Juvederm range, which is used to add volume and for remodelling, whilst also using VOLITE as a stand alone treatment for the younger patient or for those patients who simply want glowing skin . 


What makes Volite  different?

This product is different, as it delivers a high degree of smoothness and elasticity to the skin, with minimum swelling after injections and longer and more natural looking results. Juvederm VOLITE hydrates deeply, increases the skin density, refreshes and rejuvenates. The result of the procedure shows as an improvement of the skin texture and elasticity, and this product delivers deep and long-lasting hydration, with a tightening and lifting effect.

How long does Volite last?

The results of one VOLITE treatment will last for up to six months, and the effects of the treatment can be seen straight away within the first month. The results delivered by VOLITE are equal to three procedures with the products for biorevitalization and mesolifting that were available previously, and the effects can be seen after only one procedure.

The product is injected with an extremely thin needle from a new generation, which guarantees comfort, and minimises pain, swelling and the risk of hematomas.

JUVÉDERM® VOLITE is an innovative new product, which creates natural and very long lasting results, after only one procedure. It can be used as a standalone procedure, or to prepare the face for modeling with hyaluronic fillers. JUVEDERM VOLITE can also help to protect the skin from the effects of free radicals.



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