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Belotero Lip – What’s the difference

People often ask, what is the difference between dermal fillers & Belotero and often believe it is simply the cost but, fillers are certainly not the same 슈퍼밴드 음악 다운로드.

Dermal lip fillers are different in thickness, viscosity, elasticity (the way they move) and also approval. Not all dermal fillers are approved for use in the US & as we know in the UK, very little regulation is apparent 레인보우6 다운로드.

Belotero Lip however differs not only in its mechanical makeup but, also in the manner in which it is injected.  Due to its elasticity & viscosity, Belotero Lip Shape & Contour are injected very superficially by a technique called the “flat blanching technique” which perfects the natural projection & allows the product to stay in place & is capable of moulding Windows 10 rs3 iso download.

Belotero Shape beautifully shapes the natural contour of the lips without producing unevenness, lumps, bumps & other irregularities.

The difference is simply in the product.  Belotero Lip & hence the injection technique with Belotero Lip 서울대학교 로고 다운로드.


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