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Belotero Lip – Contour & Shape

What is there to tell you about lip fillers?

If I say lip fillers, the automatic reaction is “oh no, not duck lips” – that’s common Ona's Ghost 1.

But the fact is,  that as we age the lip loses definition, volume decreases and the natural plumpness & outline slowly disappear.  Why? – well simply age 자바 blob 파일 다운로드.

So, what is different with Belotero Shape & Contour?

Well, firstly we have 2 different lip filler products.  One is for definition or outline of the or outline of the lip.  The other is for shape ssat 다운로드.

Belotero Contour

This product has special cohesivity & elasticity properties.  It allows the product to contour & reduce small lines, whilst allowing the product to blend beautifully with the skin.  No lumps or bumps.  No volumisation, just correction & definition of the lip border the month.

You can compare Belotero contour with that of a lipliner.  The injection technique is called “flat blanching”, which is unique & allows the product to be injected very superficially, producing natural results 같은곳에서 다운로드.

Belotero Shape

Here lies the secret of these Belotero products.  Goodbye sausage lips, uneven, bulky protruding lips & hello to true dermal fillers injected superficially using Belotero Shape Apache large file download.

The dermal filler is again not injected as A Bolus but, instead extremely superficially in the outer part of the lip body.

The product is gently moulded to produce a thin, cohesive gel giving body & shape to the lip rather than protrusion & an appearance of the classic ‘in your face’ ski slope lips so easily identified 윈도우 10 잠금화면 사진 다운로드.

In conclusion, the dermal Belotero lip fillers Contour & Shape can be used in isolation or alone.  Boletero Lip is suitable for all ages and its fantastic qualities allow an individualised lip shape for you starcraft 2.

The cost of Belotero lip Shape or Contour in combination is £300.

The cost of Belotero Lip Shape or Contour in isolation is £200 image photo.

The videos on this page demonstrate the use of Belotero Lips in a67, 34 & 24-year-old – all different lips, all different requirements but, all with beautiful, natural lip results 3d max 2014 vray.


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