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“Baby Botox” refers to a particularly delicate approach in administering botox injections for a particularly natural and subtle result.

Tracey Bell and her clinics are well-known for practising Baby Botox. We have many loyal clients who appreciate the natural-looking results she achieves with the popular anti-ageing injections.

Baby botox is a term which was first coined in the USA. After movie director Martin Scorsese complained that too many of his actresses were “frozen” and unable to use normal facial expression, actresses started seeking botox treatments which while they still work, are more natural and wear off more quickly in time for their next part on the big screen.


Baby Botox uses the same Botullinum Toxin solution for the injections in the same strength. However, small amounts are used and are placed extremely carefully into the fine dynamic facial muscles where they will relax the muscle contractions by blocking nerve impulses. This allows the skin to appear smooth and less lined. The results are achieved without any hint of the frozen look so that the skin appears softer and younger.

The most common areas for injection are:

  • around the eyes (crow’s feet)
  • the forehead

The treatment is not permanent, so patients should anticipate re-treatments every few months to prevent further wrinkles from appearing, though each injection should also reduce the depth of newer wrinkles. In this respect, Botox® can also be used preventively, to delay the appearance of wrinkles.

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