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Wrinkle Reduction

Wrinkle reduction using lasers is one of the most common laser treatments at Tracey Bell. At Tracey Bell we utilise a wide variety of lasers to reduce fine lines and wrinkles to heavily sun damaged skin. Lasers for wrinkle reduction work by reducing the outer layers of the skin, promoting ‘collagen remodelling’ and repair. A variety of lasers, including fractional CO2 laser, erbium laser and pixel lasers are utilised at The Tracey Bell Clinic. Lasers treatment can be combined with chemical peels, medical skin care and dermal fillers dependant on the target areas of concern.

£150 – £350 per session

10-45 minutes per session.

Virtually None.

3-6 sessions at 4 week intervals.

Because wrinkles appear and deepen as the years pass, it is difficult to provide figures for duration of treatment. Patients can lengthen the effectiveness of their treatment by refraining from smoking, and using a daily moisturiser with an SPF of 30+, our SkinScription range offers two beautiful moisturisers: HydroPlenish and SunScript suitable for specific skin types and recommended as part of your consultation.

+ Risks of Wrinkle Reduction

Wrinkle-reducing treatments are effective on all parts of the body and any skin type. There are no serious risks involved in this type of treatment. The IPL and ER:Yag lasers are mild treatments and result in few or no side-effects. When the Nd:Yag laser is used for Skin Resurfacing, side-effects are minimal but may include soreness, blistering and redness around the affected area, all of which vanish within a few days. Those with darker skin might experience some depigmentation.

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On collating and concluding to a diagnosis, options, alternatives and pricing will be discussed with you. Medical questionnaire, full consultation and diagnosis will be discussed with you.

Our aim is to maintain, protect and restore individual health, and provide treatment of disease with the best available techniques, technology and experience. We respect the autonomy of the patient and will always provide truthful, open and honest medical and dental care while listening to your personal requirements.

The medical and dental treatments are clinically audited and overseen by the registered health care professionals and responsible individuals of the practice. The practice is regulated for dentistry by the Care Quality Commission.


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