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Acne treatment

lustre-useLustre Pure Light

Lustre Pure Light harnesses the safe, natural blue part of the visible light spectrum and uses clinically proven technology to eliminate spot-causing bacteria, while also being gentle on skin 영화 창궐 다운로드.

Lustre Pure Light is a small, rechargeable product with slim, flexible therapy heads which target problem areas. The device is portable and treatment is delivered while the product is worn, so you are free to get on with the things you want to get on with 프레젠테이션 다운로드.

Light Therapy for Acne

Many patients find that their skin improves and their spots seem better when they have been out in the sunshine linux jdk.acne

However sunlight also contains ultraviolet (UVA-UVB) light which can damage skin and even cause skin cancer 지니 뮤직 pc 다운로드.

Scientists have found that visible blue light at a wavelength of 420 nm does not cause damage to the skin but is effective in killing P. acnes, the bacteria which causes acne rpg vx 다운로드.

Blue light has been used by dermatologists for many years to treat acne.

How does blue light kill the bacteria which cause acne?

The bacteria that cause acne produce a chemical called porphyrin your iCloud photo library. When blue light at a specific wavelength is applied to this porphyrin it becomes excited. This active porphyrin has been clinically proven to destroy the bacteria 마지막 황제 다운로드.

Lustre Pure Light treatment harnesses the safe, blue part of the natural light spectrum and the technology has been clinically proven to eliminate the bacteria that cause spots while also being gentle on the skin Kalmuri.

Lustre Pure Light emits light at 420nm and does not contain any of the ultraviolet light, which can damage skin.

How Lustre Pure Light works – the science

Step 1

Scientists have discovered that the spot causing bacteria, P 반헬싱 다운로드. acnes produce a normally harmless chemical called Porphyrin.
Clinical trials have proven that when safe natural visible blue light at 420 nm is shone onto the skin there is no harm to the skin itself, but the Porphyrins produced by the spot causing bacteria become excited Murmur.

Step 2

When Porphyrins become excited they attach to the spot causing bacteria and begin to destroy it.

Step 3

When the spot causing bacteria P. acnes has been destroyed acne begins to clear and continued blue light use can help reduce P. acnes growth and stop new spots forming.

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