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IntraVita Infusion Drips


With our specially formulated anti-ageing drip, at Tracey Bell Clinics, our clients will be left with a real glow. High dose IV glutathione (the mother of all antioxidants) is combined with the perfect blend of vitamins and minerals to fight the signs of ageing.

The nutrients in this drip are designed to restore collagen, stimulate elastin production, brighten the skin, even the skin tone and hydrate and rejuvenate.

What’s in the bag?

The benefits of IV nutrition therapy drips

IV Infusions have become the secret weapon of tired or burnt-out celebrities, with Brad Pitt, Madonna, Simon Cowell and Rhianna, to name just a few, becoming fans Kairos. Rhianna even tweeted a picture of herself with a drip.

Now, everyone can experience the incredible benefits, and improved well-being, provided by Intravita nutrition, and clinics around the world are starting to offer this treatment to clients looking for a real body boost.

Is it safe?

The first question most new clients ask, is “is it safe?” – understandable, really. If you’re offering Intravita Therapy at your clinic, here’s what you need to know:

The substances used in Intravita Nutrition Therapy are Vitamins, Minerals, and Water, all of which are classified as “Essential Nutrients” Special character download. It’s an apt name, as they are ‘essential’ for life, however they are also nutrients that the body cannot synthesize on its own. Traditionally they were obtained from food we eat, but modern food is often modified and over-processed, leaving many of us severely deficient in these essential nutrients.

By replacing our levels through IV infusions, under the expert advice of one of our healthcare physicians, your body can be restored to its peak fitness and maximum energy performance.


Scientifically Proven

In addition to wanting to know if the treatments are safe, savvy clients also want to know if they’re actually going to work…

All of the intravenous protocols used at IntraVita, and in our products, have been thoroughly researched and developed by a team of leading medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, and nutritionists my guy.

We are able to formulate our IV infusions and IM boosters to ensure maximum effectiveness combined with minimal side effects.


Personalised Formulations

Offering IV therapy that has a positive impact on your clients relies on being able to create the right formulation for that specific individual.

Male or female, young or old, short or tall, active life style or chained to the desk, everyone is unique and so are their nutrient requirements. At Intravita there are many treatment options for Intravita therapy depending on individual goals, and our products are designed to meet a range of different needs npdf 유틸 도구 다운로드.

After a consultation with a medical practitioner, personalized formulations are prepared for each patient, made specifically to address their nutrient requirement and health needs.


Fast delivery with fast effects

If you’re offering IV Therapy, you need to know how long things are going to take, and how long it will be before your clients see the impact…

Our IM Boosters at Tracey Bell take just seconds and the Intravita Infusions take 30-60mins. Many patients begin to feel the effects during the IV therapy, which then continues over the following hours and days. It doesn’t take long to start feeling refreshed, re-energized, and revitalized Grooveshark Download.


More effective than oral vitamins

More than 1 in 3 people take daily supplements and while we know they are beneficial, few people realize that the body’s natural absorption process can render up to 85% of a vitamin pill useless – so only 15% of the active nutrients may actually find their way into the bloodstream.

With Intravenous Nutrition the nutrients enter the bloodstream directly and immediately. Much higher concentrations of nutrients are delivered directly to the body’s cells through intravenous therapy, allowing the body to better absorb and utilize these nutrients.


Multiple benefits

People who come to a clinic for Intravita Therapy usually want to know that they’ll be getting plenty of benefits from the treatment 15점 카드.

The vitamins and minerals used in our infusions are essential for biochemical reactions in every cell in our bodies.

In addition to Immune Support, Anti Ageing, Energy Enhancement, and Improved Athletic Performance, general well-being is one of the biggest reasons people choose to have the treatments.


Intravita Products at Tracey Bell

Many clinics see clients who need to relax, and our specially formulated drip is designed to help relax the mind and body. It combines the ultimate classic drip – for overall wellbeing – with a formula designed to support and enhance the mental faculties.

High dose glutamine, carnitne and ornithine have a positive impact on peace of mind, balance in stressful situations, and improved concentration Coldplay download.

Where it all began – the cocktail of nutrients that started us on the path to IV Nutrition. It’s a classic for a reason, containing just the right mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for overall feelings of wellness.

Clients who have this treatment have reported having increased energy and increased endurance. Providing this drip at your clinic gives you the chance to offer your clients the power their bodies need to promote wellness and well-being.

The B Vitamin booster is popular with many clinics, who want to offer clients the wide ranging health benefits that come from having high enough levels of these vital vitamins in the body Windows 10 default wallpapers.

Our bodies rely on B vitamins – they’re involved in the health of our skin, eyes, hair, liver and even the nervous system. By offering your clients the B12 Booster, you’re offering the best in wellness-boosting treatments.

Glutathione is the most important molecule the body needs to stay healthy  – there’s a reason it’s considered the mother of all antioxidants.

Although the body produces its own glutathione, poor diet, pollution, toxins, medication, and radiation all deplete levels of glutathione. Our superhero drip is designed to give your clients back their best antioxidant, for the ultimate wellness boost hyundai card font.

With our specially formulated anti-ageing drip, your clients will be left with a real glow. High dose IV glutathione (the mother of all antioxidants) is combined with the perfect blend of vitamins and minerals to fight the signs of ageing.

The nutrients in this drip are designed to restore collagen, stimulate elastin production, brighten the skin, even the skin tone and hydrate and rejuvenate. All of which adds up to a client who walks out of your clinic looking and feeling fresh, young and fabulous.

Cater to clients with an active or sporty lifestyle, with the specially formulated athletic drip spss 체험판 다운로드. IV therapy can provide sustainable energy lifts that avoid the precipitous crashes caused by energy drinks, giving your clients a boost to their peak performance.

Packed with high concentrations of the energy-boosting B vitamins, plus powerful amino acids including taurine, glutamine and carnitine, the athletic drip is a popular choice for enhancing performance and improving recovery times.

Our diet and detox drip combines a blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help your clients achieve their ideal body – by reducing toxic load and helping the body function effectively in order to burn off stubborn body fat.

Amino acids like taurine boost the benefits of the drip – it’s a detoxifier and digestion aid, and even helps improve athletic performance – while minerals like Zinc affect the regulation of blood sugar. Everything combines to help your clients look and feel great.

Our high-octane energy boosting drip will give your clients plenty to feel good about. It includes higher doses of the B Vitamins than other drips, as they’re essential for the body’s production and use of energy. On top of that, we’ve packed in higher doses of Magnesium – a critical component of the production of ATP, the main source of energy in cells – and energy-boosting amino acids like Taurine.

Your clients will benefit from replenishing their essential nutrients, detoxifying the body, and boosting feelings of energy and well-being. It’s the ideal pick-me-up – perfect for the IV treatment.

Offer your clients the IV solution to needing a bit of a boost, with our nutritional drip that helps fight off  radical damage and oxidative stress and feel better faster.

As you’d expect, Vitamin C is present in high doses, but it’s also combined with Zinc, B Vitamins and powerful antioxidants, to maximise its effect on the immune response. The B Vitamins also help to increase energy, fighting the sluggishness the comes from feeling off colour.



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