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Portfolio Case: Dentures

Age: 87

Gender: Male


No medical issues declared.

Background Info

Patient had been attending another dental practice regularly but was extremely unhappy with the treatment he received; he hadn’t been for 12 months 디즈니 ost 다운로드. Patient has a full upper denture from 21 and a partial lower denture which are 3 years old. Patient would like to discuss dental implants or a new denture avast 프리 다운로드. Patient has had 6 dentures and been unhappy with them all.

Patient advised to have 21, 34, 44, 43 extracted and immediate dentures made until we the gums have healed and a new denture can be made windows 7 disk image (iso file).
All risks and benefits discussed in detail with patient and he chose to have new dentures made.

Visit 1

Primary Impressions taken and sent to lab for immediate upper and lower dentures 기차소리 다운로드. Patient returns later to have extractions and denture fitted.

Local anaesthetic given Articaine. 21, 34, 44, 43 extractions completed and immediate dentures fitted 은하영웅전설4 다운로드.

Visit 2

Patient returns in June to have primary impressions taken for his new dentures. Patient wants straight teeth with good colour unlike old dentures 니드포스피드 1 다운로드.

Visit 3

Patient returns for bite registration visit. Special tray impressions taken.

Visit 4

Patient attends try in appointment today xp Explorer 10. Occlusion checked and adjusted accordingly. Patient is happy with shade and mould of teeth.

Visit 6

Patient attends for his denture fit 크롬 pdf 바로 다운로드. Occlusion checked and dentures fit fine. Patient happy.


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