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Restylane – testimonial from Dee

dee-restylane-testimonialName: Dee
Age: 50
Profession: Executive Assistant
Treatment: Restylane

I have lost that run-down tired look and I feel I have had the years lifted away from me

Why I Started – Quite simply I was feeling every inch of my 50 years because she looked tired and sad which I felt did not reflect my energetic and lively self.

The Procedure – Cheek sculpting with Restylane SubQ:

I had a local anaesthetic to numb the area prior to Restylane SubQ treatment to replace lost volume in my mid face and restore cheeks.

Naso labial and peri oral lines: Restylane Perlane was used to diminish the depth of my naso labial lines and correct the downward pull of the marionette lines at the corners of my mouth which are so ageing and create a miserable look if left untreated.

Lip enhancement with Restylane Lipp: I then had a dental block to numb the area before the treatment. Tracey Bell injected Restylane Lipp into the vermilion border to give my lips more shape. The treatment itself was very quick. As with all injectable lip enhancement treatments, I had some localised swelling which lasted for around 36 hours.

Restylane - before & after

Restylane – before & after

Restylane - close-up

Restylane – close-up

Having Restylane has made a huge difference to the way I feel about myself and there is a definite spring in my step these days. I feel happier in myself. The treatment result is natural and has revitalised my looks. My friends have all commented on how well I look and that is just the effect I wanted to achieve.


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