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Restylane testimonial – by Anne

anne1Name: Anne
Age: 60
Profession: Mother, Grandmother
Treatment: Botox

It has really boosted my self confidence and put the spring back into my step

Why I Started – I was approaching 60 and was determined to do something about my looks before I reached this milestone birthday 유튜브 영어 자막 다운로드. Years of sunbathing had taken their toll besides thinning lips and the loss of facial volume which gave me a dragged down look.

My husband recently left me and my daughter, Dawn, encouraged me to do something for myself to give me a much needed lift 유령을 잡아라 다운로드. So we decided to consult Tracey Bell together and have some anti ageing treatments.

Before & After - Restylane

Before & After – Restylane

The Restylane treatment results have excelled my expectations and have given me a mid face lift 설문지 다운로드. I have more shape to my upper part of my face and I have cheeks again. My mouth no longer turns down at the corners and my lips have definition. Best of all I have lost that tired look, the lines under my eyes have gone php 모바일 이미지 다운로드.

Restylane - close-up

Restylane – close-up

Restylane has lifted the years away and brought a real smile to my face John the ripper Windows download. I feel so much better about myself – it has really boosted my self confidence and put the spring back into my step!


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