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Luscious Lips testimonial – by Karen

Lip-definitionName: Karen
Age: 46
Profession: Property Developer
Treatment: Lip Definition / Augementation

Find a doctor or nurse who you can trust, who listens and who practices what they preach chrome 원격 데스크톱. I’ve seen a lot of ducky looking lips on doctors.

Why I Started – I’ve always had good lips, but as I’ve gotten older my lips are not as full and I’d noticed that the definition had disappeared and small lines had started to develop around the edges Skype app. My lipstick just didn’t look the same!

After consultation with APT they reassured me that the procedure was simple, that my concerns about the size could be controlled (by the amount I desired) and the pictures they showed me of their own work were fantastic peach body. I said ‘just do it’.

My Experience – Following consultation all my reservations had disappeared and I was ready to proceed. The nurse first took photographs of my lips from the side and front Unity 2019. These appeared on a computer screen immediately in front of me – long gone were those lips I’d been so proud of.

The nurse then asked if I would like just a topical anaesthetic (numbing cream) or a dental injection which he assured me would allow me to feel nothing 영화 창궐 다운로드. I opted for the dental injection which really did feel strange as both my upper and lower lips felt completely numb – just like going to the dentist 프레젠테이션 다운로드.

The actual lip procedure only took about 5 minutes, was completely painless and believe it or not , I actually watched as the volume and definition was restored before my eyes linux jdk. The product I’d had injected was Restylane Lipp.

Lips - before & after

Lips – before & after

After the procedure I could tell my lips were swollen but they were definitely fuller 지니 뮤직 pc 다운로드. The numbness was the most inconvenient thing and it only lasted about 2 hours. The swelling lasted for about 2 days and I had a small bruise on my upper lip but I had understood this to be normal rpg vx 다운로드. Now I’m thrilled with the results. The shape and size is perfect!

Lips - close-up

Lips – close-up

The Feedback I have Received – I feel no one knows and everyone keeps telling me how well I look your iCloud photo library. That little secret of mine has certainly put the spring back into my step. As I walk in a room head up with a great smile and that inner confidence and feel good factor that APT has provided me with.

Advice I’d Give to a Friend – First find a doctor or nurse you can trust and can build a friendship with. At APT I was treated by Tracey Bell and Jan Carling, a registered nurse. Bell initially consulted with me and was very caring understanding and most of all listened. At 37 you would never have guessed that Bell was a mother of five children, had many successful businesses, had a wealth of experience in non-surgical procedures and was a highly respected lecturer and validator for many of the leading non surgical providers – and she looked great! Her team were just as dynamic and most of all you could tell they cared.

I had seen many duck looking lips within the UK and on television and easily relayed my fears to Bell and Jan Carling during my consultation who fully understood and assured that APt’s aim was simply to enhance what nature intended! After studying my face, taking photographs and discussing my concerns as experienced practitioners they knew what I wanted.

So find practitioners you can trust, who listen, who care and what I would say practice what they preach – take a look at APt, Bell and their team. Walking Adverts!

The APT Says- The lips are an art to fill, form and define. Every individual is different and full consultation is required. Our aim is simply not just to fill lips but to produce a natural, shaped, proportionate lip that harmonises with the rest of the face. A true master will do more than simply make the lips look fuller; a master will make the lips look better.


Designed to be used at bedtime, Lipfusion XL can help plump out your pout thanks to topically applied collagen and hyaluronic acid. Ideal for maintenance.


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