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Combination Treatments – testimonial by Ed

combination-treatmentsName: Ed
Age: 49
Profession: Office Worker
Treatment: Botox / Vistabel – Frown / Crows Feet Plant vs Zombie pc download. SubQ / Cheek enhancement. Restylane Lip – Lip Augmentation. Microdermabrasion / Skin IPH – Photo-rejuvenation.

I feel that I now have the confidence to enjoy my daughter’s wedding to the full, knowing that I am looking my best vvvvvv 다운로드.

Why I Started – “Before Restylane, I felt I looked down in the mouth and really tired. I wanted a treatment which would give me a subtle improvement and a natural lift 안드로이드 5.1 롤리팝 다운로드.

Plastic surgery is definitely not for me and I cannot afford it but I have read about Restylane in women’s magazines and it sounded like it was what I was looking for LogicWorks. Tracey Bell also reassured me that Restylane is very safe and would revitalise my looks – just what I was seeking.

The Results

The Restylane treatment results are spot on msdn 구독자 다운로드. I have more shape to my upper part of my face and I have cheeks again. My mouth no longer turns down at the corners and my lips have definition.

Before & After

Before & After

Best of all I have lost the bags under my eyes and have lost that tired look ppt 폰트 다운로드. Restylane has brought a real smile to my face and really boosted my self confidence.

The APT Says – Ed is turning 50 next year and was determined to do something about her looks before she reaches her milestone birthday memz 바이러스 다운로드.

Close Up

Close Up

She appeared really tired and lacking energy 꿈꾸는 별빛의 플레이아데스 다운로드. Years of smoking have also taken their toll besides thinning lips and the loss of facial volume in the upper half of her face which has given her a dragged down look Download the battleground.

More significantly her daughter is getting married in December and she is giving her daughter away at the wedding ceremony so she wanted to look her best for the big occasion Heavenly Gate.


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