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Botox / Vistabel testimonial – by Dawn

botox-vistabel-testimonialName: Dawn
Age: 34
Profession: Housewife and mother of 2
Treatment: Botox

People are always surprised to hear how old I am pastel ppt template. I put that down to my Botox – my aid to anti ageing

Why I Started – When I first received botox in my early 30’s I was doing it as a preventative measure 그린치 더빙 다운로드. I started to notice a faint crevice between my brows even when I wasn’t squinting, and I wasn’t happy about it! I now have it 2 or 3 times a year dragoncatcher.

My Most Recent Treatment – Although I get Botox injections every six months, my doctor asked me to make lots of expressions so she could see where I needed the Botox Download Dev Express. She gave me about six injections on my forehead, four to six between the brows and three on each side of my eyes. Each injection feels like a pinprick ­ and the entire treatment was done in just a few minutes Wolf Girl and The Black Prince movie. The redness was gone in a few hours, and I didn’t have any bruising, so all I had to do was wait for the results!

After 7 days, I saw the Botox starting to kick in ­ I had to try a little harder to squeeze my brows together 월드 오브 탱크 블리츠 다운로드! It took around 7 to 10 days to see the full effect, and at that point my forehead was smooth and I had no crow’s feet. Everyone tells me I don’t have that “frozen” look, that I look fresher and they can’t pinpoint the what I have done 실키픽스 다운로드.

I know not to allow the Botox/Vistabel to totally wear off before I make my next appointment. As soon as I see the faintest furrow, I go back.

Botox - close up

Botox – close up

The Feedback I have Received – People are always surprised to hear how old I am, I truly believe that Botox helps with premature ageing 징기스칸 다운로드.

Advice I’ve Given to a Friend- Stay off all aspirin or anything that contains aspirin for a week or so before treatment to avoid bruising s7 firmware. Also, focusing on something in the room distracts you from knowing when the Botox is being injected.

The APT Says – We’ve offered botox in our aesthetic centres now for four years, says Tracey Bell I alsoed the holy day. “While patients are thrilled with the results of the first treatment, many get happier as time goes by. The reason is simple” says Tracey Bell, “the use of Botox compounds. Not only do you eliminate those vertical frown lines between the brows that look like an 11 and make you look angry or tired, but the appearance of that area becomes progressively smoother and more youthful.” Botox is an excellent preventative treatment producing natural aesthetic results.

We have men and women of all ages and from all professions attending consultation and Botox is ideal for those seeking rejuvenation of the face. It is a safe, effective and simple procedure that produces consistently good results.

Botox is a product that should be provided by a qualified professional and should always be provided following a full consultation and consent.


Botox is a fantastic treatment to combine with other injectable fillers such as Softline (Inamed) or Restylane (Q-med).

For example botox can be combined with a filler to decrease muscle activity around the eyes and the filler can be used to lift and plump any static lines left behind.

Lips may be augmented beautifully with Restylane lips smoothing and plumping the lost volume and combined with a little Botox the muscles around the lips can be relaxed smoothing and reducing the whole mouth or perioral area.


Fuller more luscious lips; by injecting filler directly into the lips, volume is instantly increased. Depending on the filler used, results can last from ten weeks to nine months.


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