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Ordinary People Cosmetic Treatments – under £500.00 – Bang for your Buck!

7th February 2019 | 2 comments

Celeb Treatment You Can Actually Afford under 1K

A quick browse this morning and this Blog pops up! Celeb treatment you can actually afford under 1K. Read a little deeper, and all is well and good if you are a celebrity. Though ordinary people get these procedures done as well. So, I thought that I would reflect over the past 17 years in this industry and think ‘what do patients really love and what can they afford’. Once again it is all about the clinical situation. If a person attends with beautiful lips, maybe augmenting them is not going to bring the level of satisfaction that someone who presents with thin, aged lips. A person presenting with acne, sun damage and simply poor skin are obviously going to benefit from a great skin regime – Hello OBAGI (definitely my favourite) and some Skinscription peels 레벨업 못하는 플레이어 다운로드!

So, considering ordinary people, ordinary problems – here is a taster of the treatments I think patients get ‘Bang for their Buck’ see a result and can afford – if that is what they really want!


Definitely a people pleaser and a treatment modality that has grown exceptionally over time. Smooth forehead lines, crow’s feet, reduce peri-oral lines (around the mouth) and even make those sad mouths (marionette) smile! This treatment is one of the most affordable and common in clinical practice. The results appear within 2-3 days, it is relatively painless, and the effects in some patients (usually the older generation – though no clinical research exists) last between 3-6 months. Over the past years the price of the treatment has reduced, so a double whammy! Instant gratification as you watch lose lines just disappear, at an affordable price agth 다운로드. That is what most people love and want.  Some people only have it for special occasions, others view it as an age preventer and have injections on a regular basis on average every 3-4 months. Whichever you look at it, it is a wrinkle eraser, a patient pleaser and a safe and effective cosmetic procedure.

Average cost is between £150- £400, depending on how many areas are treated.

Teeth Whitening:

FLASH that smile and show me those sparklies! I adore teeth whitening a smile and most of all a natural one. Kate Moss for example – not the ideal smile, but an attractive one – as it is natural, must work look where her appearance has got her!

Much has been written about Smile Makeovers, the best thing you can offer with a smile is enhance what God gave you jdk 8 다운로드. Teeth Whitening and improvement is one of those modalities, I believe is underutilised in cosmetics. I often have patients attending for lip fillers and skin reconfiguration, but when I look at any face, the first thing I notice is the smile, that with a bit of titivation and care would make a massive difference to the face – rather than a filler or Botox. The smile is often an area that is neglected I believe honestly, that people think they can just hide their smile by simply, not smiling – take a look at Victoria Beckham for instance – if was married to David, I would certainly be smiling! A smile says so much.

So, the low down on teeth whitening, in a nutshell, much of a muchness – but always get the whitening from a dentist or dental care professional. The procedure of teeth whitening involves taking an impression of the teeth, making moulds known as whitening trays, and applying whitening gel over a 2-3-week period, and maintenance League of Legends North American Server. Remember though not all gels are the same strength, carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide – need all to be considered by the dentist.

Personally, I love Boutique and Enlighten (although they are more expensive) in general both products the same great result.

What about those instant teeth whiteners, flashing lights and Zoom, well! Zoom eight years ago was fantastic, we completed 100’s of treatments, 1 – hour, whiter teeth, worked. If you asked me today I`d say – UNSATISFACTORY – that’s because of EU regulations in (2013) the strength that could be applied was reduced. – affecting the results so much that I don`t bother with it now – As it doesn`t work!!

In conclusion, want to rejuvenate your face – fake a mirror, smile and see if lighting a few shades could erase a few years from you – as in my experience well worth the money Download the 3D driving class. Almost instant satisfaction and a definite age eraser!!

Cost of treatment – £300 – 750


Well, Lips – a want, a need

I`m not too sure BUT in the right patient, and certainly a patient pleaser.

Naturally, not all lips were created equally, as we age lips lose volume, small lines appear, and definition is lost. In some young lip’s dependent on the position of the teeth (skeletal relationship) some disappear when you smile.

Now! Lip fillers are definitely trending, and with the right consultation, the correct product and careful placement a lip can be made into an art.

In practice I see a global trend in natural definition, a beautiful technique of flat blanching, being a huge trend in 2019, this technique enhances merely the border and corners of the mouth Free Movie Maker.

Remember to use a product that is FDA approved, and a doctor or professional practitioner, with experience and always have treatment in completed in an environment where should a complication arise, the clinician has access to hyaluronidase and is trained in its provision.

At present, anyone can inject a filler with the patients’ consent, but roll on 2020, when all fillers will become prescription only medication. These alleged ‘experts’ having just completed, a 1- or 2-day filler course, will disappear or face the law. Buyers beware. My personal favourite is Juvederm, Teosyal Kiss, Belotero cost is between £200-£500 depending on the product, technique and amount used.

Intense Pulse Light

If I had a choice, all patients would embrace the world of lasers and IPL. IPL is a system that looks for colour in the skin, sun damage, redness, and thread veins pdf 합치기 프로그램 다운로드.

As we age our skin shows all signs even if you’re like me, I love my factor 50. Even with my factor 50 on. I still have redness and pigmentation that needs to be erased now and again.

Now believe you me not all IPL is the same. In the UK in 2012, lasers were de-regulated; therefore anyone can purchase and operate these systems, this significant causing confusion.

Again, before an IPL session ask about laser classification, ask whether is it A class, 3b, 4a – that makes all the difference, is it medical?

Where are the scientific papers?

As with any treatment it takes time and costs money. So, compare and ask yourself is your £39.00 IPL session really the same as the £300 session provided at a regulated aesthetic medical clinic Windows 10 genuine iso download. These are essential questions and things that people rarely consider.

IPL in a single session can erase sun damage, banish thread veins and reduce pigmentation. While promoting callogenesis fullness and lifting, it is a great all-rounder and one that is used by those in the know.

Cost per treatment £200-£300 per session usually 3 sessions required.

Results – radiant, rejuvenated skin. Erasing the signs of ageing.


The zygoma or cheekbone and mallear fat pad, is an integral structure in youth. Holding on to this is essential – remember it is not just the lines you want to lose. You also need to know the cause! Why it happens.

Now I am not talking about chipmunk cheeks but the definition and lift Pion 4 download.

As we all age men and women the mallear fat pad of the cheek descends and flattens.

In my experience laterally define to the outer, and you begin a journey of age prevention.

The treatment is subtle and involves 1 or 2 syringes of a suitable volumising dermal filler such as Voluma. In each and every patient re-defining one of the first places to age, not only prevent but add structure to the midface.

The product, in general, lasts 2 years and if enough to spare a small deposit in the ‘paranasal fossa’ beneath the nose to mouth lines, reduces the nasolabial fold and again produces subtle immediate results. Remember don’t think about merely erasing lines but preventing lines from developing

 The average cost of cheeks – £400

a whistle-stop tour of my favourite treatments and what I have seen my patients benefit from over the last years

Treatments are not new, but the techniques and products and lasers used have just got better html image file.


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