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NON SURGICAL FACE LIFTS ….. What are the options ?

7th December 2018 | 0 comments

NON SURGICAL FACE LIFTS ….. What are the options ?

Is it possible to recreate tightness, firmness, reduce jowls and rejuvenate the face while undergoing surgery. The answer is a responding yes.
But that answer is objective and dependant on the presentation of the patient and the treatment modalities that are available to the Doctor 센스톡 무료 다운로드.

In any procedure prevention is better is better than cure as Signs of aging do appear as early as Mid 20’

So what procedures are available?

Tracey Bell discusses the options available to you for a non surgical Face lift and always advises that every individual is an individual and treatment options for non surgical rejuvenation of the face is specific to that individual 컴캐스트 불법 다운로드.


Dermal fillers are injectable products that are injected beneath the skin to reduce wrinkles but most importantly give volume. As we age the skeleton shrinks the fat pads reduce and therefore the skeleton that supports the skin diminishes. This results in the skin being unsupported in the face and physical signs of aging , sagging
skin , Jowl’s and double chin loose skin and wrinkles appear Morisawa font.

Dermal fillers such as Juverderm Voluma* Volift* Bellatero * teosal * are all dermal filler products that can be utilised to reduce the lost support.
The injectable treatment is strategically placed in Typically the Cheek, Jowls , chin area to replace contour and lift of the face. Products now typically last longer 마트모어 다운로드.

12 to 18 months and are a treatment that can be added to subsequent treatments and visit

The Non surgical face lift using dermal fillers are typically called an 8 Point Lift. MD Codes or liquid Face Lift.
All of them are basically the same but the overall results depends on the skill of the aesthetic practitioners injecting 트루베니아 연대기 다운로드.
The team at Tracey Bell follow the MD Codes by Allergan with Dr Tracey Bell completing her masters and having injected for 17 years love the results of Dermal fillers can produce a non surgical Face Lift.

Facial Threads & Silouette Soft

Threads come in all shapes & forms and were introduced to the market in 2014 슈퍼밴드 음악 다운로드.
The facial threads do have a place in Non Surgical facelifts but from experience the outcome and overall results is average and often used alone do not create the desired results.

In my experience says Tracey Bell, I am not a lover of threads. Even in the simplest of cases, the results are average and in my clinical experience weighing up the cost and results, better results are often achieved with other treatments in non surgical facelifting

  • Cost of Threads start from £250.00
  • Cost of Sillouette soft £1200,00

Personally I believe Threads should be used in Isolated cases of non surgical face lifting and expectations of the patients should be assessed 레인보우6 다운로드.
Facial Threads are not a replacement for a Facelift.

Lasers For Facial Lifting & Non Surgical Facelifts

Traditional lasers such as CO2 lasers. IPL and Erbium Lasers all have a place in Non Surgical Facelifts
The Lasers in some shape or form rejuvenate the skin and produce collagen and promote new skin production Windows 10 rs3 iso download.

CO2 Lasers is an ablative laser that cuts through the skin producing inflammation, repair and new collagen.

IPL LASERS (Intense pulse light) reduces chromophore or colour in the skin : ie : Melanin ( Sun Damage ) & Redness ( Varicose veins )
The treatment for non surgical Facelifting is a fantastic adjunct for facial rejuvinantion,
PIXEL LASER: This is a lighter laser than CO2. It is an ablative laser which is fantastic for fine lines and wrinkle


Chemical peels and great skincare have a place in Non Surgical Facial Lifting the resurfacing of the skin & increased cell turn over provides rejuvenation for the face 서울대학교 로고 다운로드.

New Collagen in turn fights aging

Non Surgical Face lifting requires a good base or canvas, hence resurfacing the outer part of the skin can only improve the overall result of the Non Surgical Face lifting.
Our favourite peels and skincare at Tracey Bell is the Obaji Skin Care Range

In conclusion.: Non Surgical Facelift, 8 point lift, liquid facelift or whatever else it is described Involves often a combination of treatments

Depending on the practioner and her patient

But the Practitioner is only as good as their knowledge, hence if they only provide Botox + Fillers – maybe that is all they will offer for a Non surgical Facelift
In our experience a combination of treatment is often needed for Non surgical facelifts and in some cases maybe the only suitable option is surgery Super Mario 64 download.

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