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My false teeth are old and appear as if they have shortened what can I do?

Age: 58

Gender: Female


Patient presented with the complaint that her false teeth, which were 8 years old, slightly lose and appeared shorter when she smiled 응답하라 1994 1화 다운로드. She loved the appearance an in reality did not want to change them but started to become conscious of a smile she once loved.

Background Info

Full denture had been constructed in general the teeth were good, well fitted but with age the teeth had wore Microsoft Windows 10 iso download.
The acrylic teeth have shortened in length, the natural bone and skeleton of the face shrunk with age and as Dr Bell explained – with that the smile disappears 영화 2012 다운로드.

It was decided to ‘copy’ the old teeth, shape and size but simply to lengthen the teeth.


4 Visits were required at weekly intervals mplayer 다운로드.

Digital scans of the mouth and teeth were taken along with clinical photographs.

Exact replicas of the teeth were chosen, but the shade was increased by 2 shades Weather Caster. The body of the denture was copied.


A copy denture was produced in this case the denture was produced with a whiter smile and longer teeth whilst maintaining the shape and border with better lip support was provided and the smile balanced with the soft tissues of the lips Free rhino. Overall the patient’s teeth & mouth were naturally enhanced.


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