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I’ve had veneers and they need to be replaced – Can you help?

Age: 35

Gender: Male


Patient had completed veneers in the last year Windows 10 Diablo2. Since having them fitted he had, had monthly-lost veneers and simply lost confidence in his dentist and smile.


On consultation the teeth were examined and x-rays were taken ka3 Korean subtitles. It was evident that the veneers were ill fitting and bulky and they had been cemented on numerous occasions and were unsightly.

Root canal treatment was required on numerous teeth due to infection 퇴직 후 치킨집 다운로드. Smile redesign was also required. All risks and benefits were discussed with the patient. It was explained that veneers should no be deboned or unglued, it was also explained that an incorrect bite construction or adhesion could lead to veneer failure Kyungbuk University app. All the aspects were discussed with this patient.


  • Endodontic treatment on 4 teeth
  • 2 3 unit bridges
  • 16 veneer/crown replacement

The material used to replace the veneer and crown work was zirconium 크롬 확장프로그램 유튜브 다운로드. The colour was discussed in detail with the patient.

The design of the smile was produced on virtual models digitally prior to preparation.

Over approx mind map program. 8 treatment visits the smile was designed, tried, discussed, treated and fitted.


The veneers and crowns have been fitted after 2 weeks ant build. No debonds or loss of veneer have been noted. It is not normal for crowns or veneers to be lost in normal function.


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