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Immediate Cerc Bridge using 3D Digital Dentistry

I have a gap in my smile, what can I do? Will a bridge fill the gap?

Patient: Female 42 years old.

Patient presents and has lost teeth due to a failed post and crown. The patient had a denture but felt embarrassed about this due to her age. She requested a fixed option.

On clinical examination options discussed in detail with the patient
1) Implants
2) Bridge work
All risks and benefits were discussed with the patient including the full cost involved in both treatments.

In this clinical case, a zirconium bridge was recommended. This bridge contains no metal and is aesthetically pleasing. The bridge is permanently fixed to the teeth on either side of the gap.

The number of visits: Single Visit after consultation:

Medical History checked and written consent was gained
Risks: Devitalisation, destruction of tooth tissue, difficulties in exact shade match, Irreversible pulpits

Local anaesthetic administered, Teeth on either side of the gap were prepared, At this stage the Prepped teeth are digitally scanned, Opposing arch scanned and Bite was also scanned.
This information is digitally relayed to our Cerc milling machine.

The patient sat in the waiting room whilst our ceramicist finished the restoration.

The patient then returned to surgery for fitting. We tried bridge in and showed a patient who was happy for the bridge to be cemented in permanently

Once fitted patient was delighted with the results and no more gaps


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