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I’m 60 and want a better smile

orthodontic treatment
Age: 60 Male No medical issues declared

He wanted to improve his smile and keep his teeth 신비한 동물사전2 1080p 다운로드.

Background Information

Patient attends and his main complaint is the discolouration of his front teeth. He hates his teeth 해석이론 다운로드. He has always been a regular attender at the dentist and has had some filling’s but he does not like the appearance. He wanted to improve his smile and keep his teeth

Discussion and Treatment

The teeth on clinical examination his teeth were very dark and heavily restored unreal examples. A root canal was required on the upper right incisor.

  • Ceramic crown ( with no metal ) on the upper anterior teeth
  • Whiten the lower teeth
  • Treat gums

All risks and benefits were discussed with Patient 지뢰찾기 게임 다운로드. Patient understood and after consideration wanted to proceed with the proposed treatment. Explained all work could be completed in 4 visits and this would take a total of 4 weeks

Visit 1

Dental impressions taken for whitening trays, start shade was recorded Run Kova. We explained that he must wear the trays at home for 2 weeks, then return to the clinic for a 1 hour appointment so we can lock the new colour in. He must remember to bring his trays with him on this visit

Visit 2

Patient attends to collect whitening trays and kit today google ebooks. Patient was shown how to insert/remove the trays and how to care for the trays. He was given a demonstration of how to place gel on the trays. Advised the patient he must whiten his teeth every night for 2 weeks for the whitening to work to full effectiveness and he had to wear them for a minimum of 2 hours a day kindle books.

The patient was also seen by the hygienist today to remove all calculus and plaque that was on and below the gum line

Visit 3

Patient attends clinic for the second part of his whitening treatment the patient is delighted with his whitening results race game. Shade recorded B1.

Articaine local anaesthetic was placed and 12, 11, 22, 21 and 26 prepped. Discussed different types of crowns and she chose Emax whatsapp pc version. The prepped area and upper arch was digitally scanned, we then scanned the bite and opposing arch.


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