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I have a missing lower tooth and cannot wear denture/false teeth. How can a Maryland bridge help?

Patient: aged 45


Lost lower tooth due to an accident approximately 6 years ago. Patients had tried various dentures and to no success they complained they did not fit, were painful, affected their speech and despite various attempts the dentist involved could not produce a satisfactory result.


During consultation various options of replacing the tooth were discussed including denture, bridge, implants with the past history and the patient’s wishes, a Maryland bridge was decided upon.

A Maryland bridge is a bridge that is connected to the opposing tooth by a wing (normally metal), which is glued to the back tooth. It allows an immediate solution that is fixed and cannot be removed. A Maryland bridge is ideal in situations of a single tooth is lost and where then bite is favourable and a Maryland bridge can give aesthetics and function.


The teeth were scanned using the CEREC digital scanning machine. The bridge was produced using a 3D printer and the bridge fitted in a single appointment. The colour is matched to the remaining teeth.


A Maryland bridge is a fixed solution for a single missing tooth. Maryland bridges work fantastically in the right clinical situation and can last many years.

In conclusion after 6 years a tooth was replaced with a single visit and the patient could smile, eat and communicate in confidence.


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