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How can I improve the stained fillings in my front teeth?

Age: 37

Gender: Female


No medical issues declared.

Background Info

Patient attends clinic and doesn’t like the composite fillings she has on her front teeth moana subtitles. She has had to have them replaced on a few occasions due to the fillings chipping or cracking and also they have started to stain which has caused the patient to lose confidence in her smile scoreboard.


Patient was advised of her options

  1. Replace the fillings
  2. Replace them with the crowns

It was explained to the patient that replacing the fillings would still leave her in the same position as now in the long term, as the filling material in time will wear down and it’s not as durable v43 펌웨어 다운로드. Given the desired result the patient wants a crown is what was recommended to the patient. It was explained how we will replace the remaining parts of each tooth to form an abutment Windows 2008 r2.

The crowns will then be bonded to the abutment to hold it in place and to reinforce the remaining healthy parts of your tooth.

When the crowns are placed, it will look like your natural teeth, and just as important, it will function as well as a real tooth Download the afterburner.

Because our dental crowns are solid, they will hold up to the daily grind (of your teeth) better than your tooth-coloured fillings ever did. Patient understood and consent given to go ahead with the crowns

Visit 1

Patient attends clinic for crown impressions Please me. Local Anaesthetic given Articaine and the teeth are prepped using diamond burs. Once this is completed the teeth are scanned using our in house Cerec machine this is in order for the crown to be made in house or to a dental laboratory Download the controller file.

Visit 2

Patient attends to have the crowns fitted. Crowns are checked to ensure correct fit and patient is happy to proceed with having them cemented pgadmin. Relyx cement used to fit the crowns and the contact points are cleared of excess cement, occlusion is checked. Patient is happy with the result and is very happy with the crowns Falling slowlyed.


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