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How can I Improve or remove white marks from my front teeth!

Name: Wendy
Age: 23
Treatment: Whitening


Patient presents with the request to improve her smile, She particularly does not like the white spots on her front teeth

White spots can be caused by a number of things 제비우스 다운로드. : Trauma, decalcification of the Enamel, Idiopathic (causes unknown) Childhood Illness, Decay or Fluorosis.

On clinical examination the of the white spots could not be identified, Options discussed with the patient included Tooth Whitening, Fillings, Veneers, Lumineers and clinical outcomes QFair download. Taking into account the age of the patient, the appearance and her budget we decided to treat the teeth with Enlighten Whitening System and composite fillings ( White fillings ) we would the smooth and reshape the edges of her teeth for a good aesthetic look

Number of visits 3

Visit 1

Dental impressions taken for whitening trays start shade was recorded 봄인가봐 다운로드. We explained that he must wear the trays at home for 2 weeks, then return to the clinic for a 1-hour appointment so we can lock the new colour in. He must remember to bring his trays with him on this visit

Visit 2

The patient attends to collect whitening trays and kit today Download asus laptop driver. The patient was shown how to insert/remove the trays and how to care for the trays. He was given a demonstration of how to place gel on the trays. Advised the patient he must whiten his teeth every night for 2 weeks for the whitening to work to full effectiveness and he had to wear them for a minimum of 2 hours a day Naver blog bulk download.
The patient was also seen by the hygienist today to remove all calculus and plaque that was on and below the gum line

Visit 3

The patient attends for the In Surgery part of the Enlighten Whitening treatment missing of Sen and Chihiro. She brought her trays with her into Surgery and we performed the second part of the enlighten treatment. This will take an hour, once completed a full set of postoperative clinical photos will be taken

We then start on the composite fillings on the upper anterior teeth

Explained Risks: Difficulties in achieving exact colour match, discolouration & marginal staining,risk of fracture and sensitivity qtwebkit4.dll 다운로드. Patient happy to proceed.
Local anaesthetic used for her comfort. Minimal preparation of the tooth, we used Phosphoric acid used and teeth isolated 크롬 swf 자동 다운로드. White Composite material used and colour matched to the patient’s new bright smile

We check the occlusion and make sure her bite feels right 간츠 o 다운로드. Patient reports no problems during the procedure and is delighted with the results.
Overall Results

A Whiter, Healthier and more youthful looking smile 미생체 폰트 다운로드. The treatments involved minimal intervention with minimal tooth structure being removed, whilst retaining a naturally beautiful smile

Before & After - Restylane

Before & After

Work completed by Dr Bell


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