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Does Alevere Work

Age: 63
Gender: Female
Maria starting weight – 13.6 stone

Patient background

The patient wasn’t happy with being a size 16 and very close to becoming a size 18 was when she knew something had to be done 사운드카드 드라이버 다운로드.
The patient had knee problems and arthritis so carrying the weight wasn’t helping her medical conditions.

Visit 1

The patient attends the clinic for a consultation with our Alevere team Sketch up 2017 Hangul download. In the discussion, our Alevere team took a medical history along with blood tests and a full body scan to determine what we need to focus on as the patients starting point kindle for free. We explained how the Alevere plan worked and what treatments would be required to coincide with the diet plan set by the team. Blood tests were sent off to the hospital Download the archbook. The full body scan was examined by our medical team to ensure everything was ok, healthy ways with the patient before going ahead with this programme quick player.

Visit 2

In this visit, our team had a better understanding of the patients starting point. We explained the body scan and blood results to this patient 히어로 팩토리 게임 다운로드. When the patient had full knowledge of the results, we were able to start treatment and the diet plan. The patient began by having our combined med contour and entomology treatments within the practice 스탠 바이 미 다운로드. The patient would also be required to follow a strict diet plan, which they could buy, from the clinic. This diet plan coincided of five meals a day provided by Alevere autocad 뷰어.

Further visits to the clinic

The patient would then attend our clinic once a week for their combined Med Contour and Entomology treatment; these treatments would last for 90mins a session Dorothy download. This was also when they would purchase their food order for the following week. The patient would also require further blood tests and check-ups every six weeks with our medical team Spider-Man The Universe. This is to ensure everything is the way it should be medical ways.


The patient feels amazing and still can’t believe she has stuck to a diet and not had the daily struggles of dieting or felt she has wanted to come off plan
Health benefits to the patient where life-changing within months of being on the weight loss programme the patient has no more issues with her knees since she has dropped all the weight.

Patients weight six months later -10.6 stone
Patients weight loss so far – 3 stone


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