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Do you see what I see? Injectable Beauty

1st February 2019 | 1 comment

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? It is that subjective view of beauty that interpreted into so many manifestations of beauty in an injectable world Bad guy mp3.

Today I am sitting on a beach in Dubai, looking at faces. Faces are so different, so unique and beautiful in so many different ways.

I take the lady in front of me, mid-thirties, brown hair, brown eyes, broad nose, small lips, beautiful teeth, these are my initial perceptions 앨범넘기기소스 다운로드.

I look across the way at the lady playing table tennis, now her age is difficult to guess. Looking at her I see large breast implants, a toned figure, though they don’t really match her face 피파 18 한글 다운로드. Beneath the large Gucci glasses, I can see that she is attractive. Plumped lips, contoured cheeks made that way with filler. But can I put an age on her – I am finding that difficult pmbok 5th 한글판 pdf 다운로드.

The media and the business have created contoured, lifted, overinflated a statement, a face that says in its own way I have cash!

After a while I doze off, when I wake up, she has gone youtube videos from your phone! Oh well! I think – interesting face and injectable beauty. Some 5 hours later I enter the gym, the woman from the beach I guess? This time without her sunglasses, she is sat upon a ball, she stretches, she pouts and poses Running TV. One hand to steady her, the other to hold her camera, as she takes her selfies. Why? I think! This time I get a proper look – now I can see her face is old 3m post-it downloads. In a way her eyes say it all, her skin shows signs of what I perceive to be a lifetime of excesses, sun, parties, dance and again I see wealth – these are my presumptions 빅풋주니어 더빙 다운로드.

This time I look at her cheeks, lumps, bumps and distortion, I wonder to myself if I can see it, why can’t she? She smiles, though I can’t see her teeth, she definitely looks better in the pout pose epel-release 다운로드. Her boobs! Well still amazing, well! If you like the superficial baseball look. Her face, again, in my opinion, looks artificial. James says ‘ahh your friend again’ he smiles and says definitely 50, I told you 전람회 취중진담 다운로드!

So, the woman on the sunbed. I looked at her and looked away – her face beautiful but ordinary.

The woman playing Table Tennis, now a caricature of what was once, I believe, a very beautiful lady.

I wonder whether she sees what I see? Or does she still see and think she is beautiful? Does she see the distortion of tissues, the loss of harmony in her face or does she think that is normal?

As an injector, I see that almost every day, I see women attending swollen cheeks, distorted lips and impossible dreams. They however like the look! It is all about patient choice. Though I also see women who simply want a little enhancement, a slight improvement, small refinements. In today’s busy world, full of even busier people and busy lives, no-one apart from her would ever notice.

So, Beauty – In conclusion:

I am sure both women in Dubai today embraced their beauty. Each of them has their own perception of what beauty actually is. Though I cannot stop thinking that the woman at the Table Tennis table, was not actually mid-fifties, in fact, the same age as the woman who appeared untouched lying on her sunbed early morning. Is it just that the injectable beauty that she had had actually aged her! I’ll leave that thought there for today.

One Comment

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