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Crown and Bridge Work

Female – Improving a smile with crown and bridge work with digital dentistry


The patient had been a regular attender 무료 font 다운로드. Her dentition, in general, is good, but she had lost a front tooth as a child and wore a false tooth. She noted that her teeth had darkened as she had aged and that the denture no longer fitted as well as it did Download the Civil Code. She had considered implants, veneers, crowns and bridgework.


All treatment options were discussed with the patient including a new denture, implants, crown and bridgework 맥북 포토샵 크랙 다운로드. Implants were discussed in detail but taking into account the clinical situation i.e little bone in the area, the patient did not want to consider bone augmentation and implants Download ace.ova.

The smile was constructed using Zirconium bridgework and crowns, in total eight units were placed the treatment commenced with Enlighten whitening of the lower anterior teeth and the upper teeth were then maintained to the whitening achieved 안전하지 않은 다운로드.


Enlighten Whitening £765.00
Crown/ Bridgework £800 per unit
Gum treatment form £80 per visit

Number of appointments of five in total

The teeth were produced using digital dental scanning (no impressions) 디스코드 다운로드. The digital scans were sent to the lab in London and the crowns returned within three days


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