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Can You Help Me Smile Again?

Female, Mid Forties, No medical issues declared 관광버스 메들리 mp3 다운로드.

Patient attends clinic and explains how she feels very self-conscious of her teeth. The patients front teeth are broken down it is explained to the patient that if she wants to keep her teeth then composite bonding could be a good option and build the teeth back up 유플러스 다운로드. The option of veneers is also given to the patient but patient cannot afford them and the maintenance of the veneers. Patient decides to have the composite bonding 반지의제왕 왕의귀환 다운로드. Patient is advised she requires a hygiene appointment prior to starting treatment

Visit 1
Patient attends clinic for hygiene visit and to have her composite bonding Download the comic Nomu-hyun. Local anaesthetic is given and teeth 11, 21, 22, 23 are built up with composite Venus Shade A1 used, tooth 13 is also bonded up due to wear. Teeth are shaped and polished with diamond burs, occlusion checked and patient is happy 와카코와 술 다운로드. Patient is to return for a review appointment the following week.

Visit 2
Patient attends for a review appointment and repots she is delighted with them MCSquare mp3. Patient asks what can be done with closing the gap on her upper left side. She is advised that a cantilever bridge can be made the risks and benefits re discussed in detail 워드 무료 이력서 다운로드. Patient currently has a denture in place which she doesn’t like. Patient would like to have the bridge made.

Visit 3
Patient attends to have bridge preparation 코룸1 다운로드. Local anaesthetic given, teeth prepped 24-25 and 13 to 12, prepped teeth scanned, opposing arch and buccal bite scanned using in house Cerec machine clips. Bridge is being made in house so patient waits for the bridge to be made. Patient returns to surgery for her bridge fit. Bridge is checked good occlusion, good marginal fit and shade matches pastry. Patient consents to have the bridge cemented. Relyx used to cement the bridge Occlusion checked, contact points and excess cement removed. Patient is overwhelmed with the result and loves her new smile!


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