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Allianz Dental Insurance UK


To register as an Allianz Dental patient, please call 01517070340 or call in at the City Centre Dental Clinic.

In order to register as an Allianz covered Dental Patient with Tracey Bell, your Allianz Dental Insurance number and your Identification Document is needed.

Allianz Dental will be instructed and will verify all your dental details.


Allianz provides a number of Dental policies in the UK. The most popular Dental policy from Allianz is for international students.

Tracey Bell Dental welcomes all Allianz Dental International Students. Under normal circumstances the Allianz Dentist will assess the patient and provide a full written treatment plan. The dental treatment is then submitted to Allianz Dental Uk and treatment is paid by Allianz Dental direct to the Dental Practitioner or Dental Practice.


Tracey Bell Dental welcome all Allianz Dental covered members to our Liverpool, Douglas, Ramsey, Castletown and Birkdale Dental and Aesthetic Medical Clinics.

DOWNLOAD NOW: Allianz Liverpool Welcome Letter



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