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Partnership offers patients the opportunity to store stem cells extracted from dental pulp

Precious Cells Group1, a leading London based provider of stem cell storage and regenerative medicine technologies, has partnered with award winning Tracey Bell Dental and Aesthetic Medical Clinics to give patients the opportunity to store stem cells found in dental pulp as “real life insurance” against later life illnesses Samsung recovery download.

Tracey Bell clinics are located in Liverpool in the UK as well as Douglas Ramsey and Castletown on the Isle of Man. Precious Cells Group will work with all five clinics to educate dentistry professionals about stem cell banking as well as providing the services, products and infrastructure to collect, transport and store stem cells extracted from dental pulp youtube videos from your mac.

Mesenchymal stem cells found in dental pulp tissue have the potential to change into different types of bodily tissue and cells such new bone, tendon, cartilage, muscle, heart and nerve cells 심즈1 다운로드. Many applications for stem cells are under investigation, some which are in the advanced stages of clinical trials2. Some of the applications being investigated include brain and nerve tissue, heart disease, bone regeneration, cartilage and tendon repair, treatment of burns and skin grafting to name a few 김민규 here 다운로드. Storing one’s own stem cells avoids the agonising wait for a donor match and can provide a genetic match for close family members.

Stem cells can be harvested from teeth which have been electively extracted, for example before a child loses their milk teeth, during the removal of wisdom teeth or as a result of orthodontic surgery Download Cassos. As stem cells found in milk teeth are prenatal they may now be considered as a unique resource for stem-cell therapies including autologous stem-cell transplantation and tissue engineering applications3 카운터스 다운로드. Milk teeth are not extracted purely to harvest stem cells. Other sources of stem cells include umbilical cord blood and tissue and adult blood.

Precious Cells Group is already a leading expert in the collection and cryogenic storage of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and is the exclusive partner at a growing number of NHS hospitals across the UK and this partnership with the Tracey Bell Clinic builds on its established network of dental specialist centres across the UK, providing access to the service for patients nationwide Super Mario Run.


Doug Cochrane, UK dental manager of Precious Cells Group, said:

“It seems like every day astonishing advances for the practical use of stem cells in medicine are being discovered, some of these investigations are in advanced stages of human clinical trial with some already been approved for clinical use Don't let go of the spirit line download. The thought of using stem cells from our own body – a system of repair that has evolved over millions of years – for a future medical use by mimicking nature is simply awe-inspiring Nausica. I am sure the tooth fairy won’t mind if we take one tooth and give it to the stem cell fairy. The medical profession is in agreement that stem cell technologies will become part of mainstream healthcare in the future, so our service is providing the next generation with the opportunity to prepare for this revolution.”


Tracey Bell, founder and CEO of Tracey Bell Dental, said:

“It is incredibly exciting that people are now waking up to the potential of stem cell therapies and we are delighted to be offering these services to our customers thanks to our partnership with Precious Cells Group Ant. Through this cutting edge technology we can anticipate the future needs of our patients and help them protect themselves against unexpected illness.”


For further information please contact:

Morgan Rossiter:

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About Precious Cells Group


Precious Cells Group (PCG) is private Medtech company founded in 2008, with core business operations serving the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asian markets. The company has head offices in London and its R&D cell manufacturing processing facilities in Glasgow.

PCG is engaged in the development of stem cell and regenerative medicine technologies. The company has a strong R&D division which houses a multi-patent protected asset pipeline involving the commercialisation of biologic’s drug discovery, stem cell transfusion medicine applications and bio molecular-diagnostics.

The company is revenue generating through its portfolio of direct-to-consumer cell banking platform technologies including cord blood and adult peripheral blood services and in the UK holds exclusive corporate contract partnerships with multiple NHS trusts for the provision of cryogenic and associated services.

Precious Cells Group CEO is founder Dr Husein Salem, a respected molecular biologist and serial high tech entrepreneur with several successful ventures. The company’s board includes seasoned Non-Executive Chairman Richard Lyman (from Oakes Lyman), Dr Neil Counihan, Dr Nasreen Najefi and Athol Haas.



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