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Expansion of Dental

Two new dental professionals have joined Tracey Bell to expand the dental services provided on the island.

Zigmunt Mirski has studied dentistry and his interest in endodontics (root fillings) gaining additional education providing patients with provision of root canal utilising the latest in microscopic endodontics the service ensures that difficult endodontic treatments can now be treated with increased success rates and without the need to extract the tooth or perform oral surgery procedures 진에어 앱 다운로드.


Phil Lucas is a visiting hygienist whose post graduate experience has seen him lecture at various conferences on periodontal therapy 자석송 다운로드. He has a special interest in PHOTO DYNAMIC DISINFECTION (laser) gum treatments having worked with specialist periodontal and Implant Clinics in the UK 센스톡 무료 다운로드. He said: “There are many studies relating periodontal health to medical conditions such as heart disease. The importance of good oral hygiene, maintenance of bone and gums is essential to maintaining general health and your teeth for life 컴캐스트 불법 다운로드. Helping people understand how to prevent bleeding gums and maintain their teeth for life is an essential part of dentistry.”

Tracey Bell said “To develop our business and to provide the highest level of dental care on the island a team approach to dentistry and the provision of an overall patient care is essential Morisawa font. Long gone are the days when the dentist can provide everything for me it is a case of providing the right professional for the correct procedure, that’s what I would expect and what the patient should also.”

In attendance at Tracey Bell currently there is: Tracey Bell General and cosmetic dentist 마트모어 다운로드. James Garritt- General ,cosmetic and Invisalign Practioner Ivan Santa – Dental Implants/General dentist Darren Stone – Orthodontics and Invisalign Practitioner Zigmunt Mirski Endodontics and root canal therapy Phil Lucas & Gayle Roberts – Hygienists and periodontal services 트루베니아 연대기 다운로드.



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