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Thread Vein Removal

Facial thread veins can be treated at Tracey Bell using IPL or lasers. Men and women are regularly treated with our lasers at Tracey Bell for thread veins which appear on the cheeks and nose area. Thread vein laser treatment normally require 3 5 treatments, each treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.

Benefits of Facial Thread Vein Laser Treatment at Tracey Bell:

  • Reduce facial redness immediately
  • Painless treatment
  • Improves colour, texture and tone
  • Customised treatments individual to you and your skin

From £175

45 minutes per session.

No Downtime

4 Weeks


+ Risks of Thread Vein Removal

You may find the treatment slightly uncomfortable. Because of the high energies required there is a very small risk of burning or blistering of the treated area which is further reduced by effective cooling of the treated area. In rare circumstances clients have experienced short term swelling of the treated area.There are no long-term adverse side effects.

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